Should You Say Yes to RSS?

Written by John Calder

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The basic idea behindrepparttar technology then is fairly simple - it's a way to share information. And you don't really need to worry aboutrepparttar 126388 strange appearance of RSS formatted data -repparttar 126389 software that createsrepparttar 126390 RSS feed on one end andrepparttar 126391 software that displays it onrepparttar 126392 other end take care of that. For marketers,repparttar 126393 real issue is whether they embracerepparttar 126394 technology now, later, or never.

Marketers are only human, and they, like their customers, want to know "What's in it for me?". Realistically, there is little if any downside to using or offering RSS. There may be some initial cost to buy and installrepparttar 126395 blog or content management software that will generate RSS feeds, although there are many open source packages available. Some hosting companies feature Fantastico, which offers one-click installation of many popular software packages, including blogs and content management systems.

If you get newsreader software, much of which is also free, you can use it to keep up with your favorite marketing related blogs all from one location. Offering RSS feeds from your own site or blog may be of much bigger benefit though. For your readers and customers who add your RSS feed to their newsreader, you have a chance of your material being read every time you publish it, thereby creating a followup relationship marketing situation. Compare this to falling email delivery and open rates. Finally, if other marketers add your feed to their site, you get a one-way, inbound link! Even ifrepparttar 126396 other site is of dubious quality, a link is a link - enjoy it while it lasts!

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Making a Career of Sharing

Written by Thomas Yoon

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I had experiencedrepparttar power ofrepparttar 126387 Internet. And I love it.

Being trained in marine engineering enables me to be flexible in using technology or any other tools available in order to getrepparttar 126388 job done. You see, when working on board a ship, we were expected to make do with whatever materials were available to solve problems. There were no contractors that you could call in to help, inrepparttar 126389 middle ofrepparttar 126390 ocean.

Anyway, I later decided to learn web designing. I found this quite interesting. And once I delved into web designing, many other subjects also caught my attention. Search engine optimisation, designing for fast loading, html language, marketing, affiliation, advertisements, writing effective sales copy, etc, just crept up alongrepparttar 126391 way.

I even made my own website about marine engineering at

Then I stumbled into e-books and e-zines. I found some of these very interesting, and I started to mess around with them. Eventually, I produced my first e-book. That's how "Sign Off -- A Guide to Career Success on Shore" got started. Anyone can download it for free at

Now I am into self-publishing and I can publish whatever I want. I shall not receive piles and piles of rejection slips anymore. As an author-publisher, I can also design my own illustrations and layout in whatever way I think best, and most important of all, I don't have to spend money on printing, paper, binding and whatever else.

I can also pass around my e-book to people inrepparttar 126392 form of downloads and e-mail attachments or even CDs. Unlike webpages, people don't even have to be online in order to read my book. I believe that we are in this world to be a blessing to others. Whatever experiences that I have gone through need not be wasted but can be used to help somebody somewhere. That's why I wrote my e-book.

Also, being involved in a 34-week "Becoming Disciples through Bible Study" programme forrepparttar 126393 past three years, I have come to realise that by giving we receive. I have even made a website on that at

With that in mind, I searched throughrepparttar 126394 memory bank in my brain, and also my notes, and found that I have many things to share with people. After going through many years of working experiences on land, I think it is worthwhile to share some ofrepparttar 126395 experiences I have with those who are contemplating switching jobs.

Just likerepparttar 126396 photographs that are gathering dust in my home, these experiences should not stay in my memory or storeroom and be lost forever. I should leave something behind to benefit future generations. So I quickly got my stuff together and started writing repparttar 126397 e-book. It took me about three months of free time to complete.

Most ofrepparttar 126398 visitors have an interest in life on board ship, but repparttar 126399 e-book I wrote is about working ashore. So that makesrepparttar 126400 information relevant to anyone else too.

E-books haverepparttar 126401 potential to spread marketing messages to potential buyers. They can also be instruction manuals for users, for displaying products as catalogues, for publicising services, and a thousand other uses. The outcome of any tool depends onrepparttar 126402 one who wields it. It only takes a good writer with a flair for IT, marketing concepts and visual communications copywriting and design to make it work.

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