Should Real men do housework?

Written by Richmond Acheampong

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1.Decide together what needs to be done inrepparttar home. 2.Sharerepparttar 142656 workload fairly, i.e.repparttar 142657 one who’s better at math doesrepparttar 142658 budget, etc. 3.Give up control and let go. If you want your man to do chores, let him do it his way. 4.If you have children, train them to pick up after themselves and increase their chores as they get older

Should a real man do housework? The answer is up to you, but first define a ’real man’. A real man strives to do what’s right. A real man is confident of his masculinity and is not swayed by media stereotypes. A real man is responsible, and takes care of his family’s needs. A real man will do housework, so that his spouse doesn’t burn out. A real man’s wife feels loved, and his children are secure.

For all you men out there who still refuse to do housework, here is some food for thought: It’srepparttar 142659 new millennium,repparttar 142660 macho man has been replaced byrepparttar 142661 considerate man. Offering to giverepparttar 142662 kids a bath goes a lot further than flexing your biceps. Showing consideration isrepparttar 142663 new turn on. Try impressing your partner by doing your share aroundrepparttar 142664 house and leaverepparttar 142665 explosions to James Bond. Figure out how to use that washing machine.

Richmond Acheampong isrepparttar 142666 Editor and Founder of Parent Tree, an online family resource web site. His site promotes family health and balance thru thought provoking articles, products, advice columns and resourceful links. For more information and articles pertaining to family life, visit: “Healthy Homes and Happy Families”

Richmond Acheampong is the Editor and Founder of Parent Tree, an online family resource web site. His site promotes family health and balance thru thought provoking articles, products, advice columns and resourceful links

What Two Words Will Double the Space in Your Home?

Written by Karen Fritscher-Porter

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Unless these items truly hold sentimental value, it's worth selling them to a used furniture store or at a yard sale for a bit of cash. (I'll tell you why sell in a minute.) Or spend a few bucks to put an ad in your local "Pennysaver" type newspaper advertisingrepparttar item for sale.

SELL HIGH; BUY LOW Then negotiate withrepparttar 142638 potential buyer so you getrepparttar 142639 best price possible forrepparttar 142640 item you're selling. That means you must suggest a price that's beyond what you expect to get. Why? Because these days potential buyers will almost always ask you to come down onrepparttar 142641 price. In fact, I guarantee three out of four buyer prospects will try to get you to lowerrepparttar 142642 price. So start high so they feel like they're negotiatingrepparttar 142643 price down.

Why sellrepparttar 142644 item inrepparttar 142645 first place? Because you want to userepparttar 142646 cash you make to upgrade to a taller unit ofrepparttar 142647 same item. If you watch those home decorating/organizing shows on television, you may recall that there is a certain show that uses just this strategy. They have a big yard sale with allrepparttar 142648 participant's useless items and userepparttar 142649 money to upgrade to more useful and stylish items forrepparttar 142650 same space inrepparttar 142651 home. The difference inrepparttar 142652 home is usually extraordinary at completion. You're striving for a similar method and outcome.

NOW DOUBLE YOUR SPACE You want to userepparttar 142653 cash to buy a comparable piece of furniture that serves a similar function asrepparttar 142654 piece you just discarded. You can even putrepparttar 142655 new furniture piece inrepparttar 142656 exact same spot where you hadrepparttar 142657 previous piece. But make surerepparttar 142658 new piece of furnishing is taller with more shelving or nooks. Remember,repparttar 142659 big two word secret in this article is "go vertical." So inrepparttar 142660 end, you'll userepparttar 142661 same floor space in your home but double its storage capacity.

And when replacing your items with comparable items, don't hesitate to buy used furniture (even fromrepparttar 142662 same shop you sold yours too). If it's in good shape in regard to quality (e.g. no rotting, flimsy wood panels, etc.) but not exactly your favorite color, you can fix that. Get a four dollar can of spray paint and a primer spray coat and changerepparttar 142663 color. Or get creative such as use some pretty contact paper to redorepparttar 142664 outside. And one final piece of advice: Don't forget to negotiate when you'rerepparttar 142665 buyer!

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