Should I Lease A Tanning Bed?

Written by Tim Gorman

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You may find a nice tax break when you lease a tanning bed rather than purchasing it. When you lease a tanning bed you will have a dollar for dollar write off onrepparttar lease rental payments.

If you are thinking about leasing a tanning bed or beds for your business you can contactrepparttar 147427 companies and ask for information concerning your monthly payments. These companies should be able to give you a lease quote overrepparttar 147428 phone.

Consider leasing a tanning bed or beds if you need this type of equipment for your business.

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Written by Judy Thompson

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According to Dr. Otto Warburg, winner ofrepparttar Nobel Prize for cancer research. “Cancer has only one prime cause. It isrepparttar 147426 replacement of normal oxygen respiration ofrepparttar 147427 body’s cells by an anaerobic cell respiration.” Otherwise, there is not enough oxygen atrepparttar 147428 cellular level.

In addition, an insufficient supply of oxygen torepparttar 147429 tissues, is a major cause of our worst diseases, including heart disease.

So what can you do to increaserepparttar 147430 oxygen level to your cells and provide your body withrepparttar 147431 oxygen it needs for optimum health? Here are six suggestions: 1.Get more physical exercise 2.Eat dark-colored berries 3.Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables 4.Avoid trans fats 5.Take oxygen-enhancing products, such as Cellfood & other oxygen products. 6.Take food-based antioxidants, such as in wild blueberries.

Of course, if you are under a doctor’s care and taking prescription medicines, you would be wise to check with him or her before making any significant changes in diet or exercise.

Judy Thompson is a former Health teacher and for many years has been a student of natural nutrition. Nutrition information and products may be found at and ordered from her website.

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