Should I Get An Online Degree?

Written by Fred DiUlus

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The value of any education, regardless of where it is acquired, is ultimately based onrepparttar knowledge imparted and learned. It should be very apparent thatrepparttar 143795 value of how good or well endowed financiallyrepparttar 143796 school or its contacts (network) are perceived, it can be totally duplicated in an online environment with few exceptions. Perhaps we should actually considerrepparttar 143797 notion that what really ought to validaterepparttar 143798 value of a degree isrepparttar 143799 nature and credibility of those teachingrepparttar 143800 subject not how it is delivered. Inrepparttar 143801 range of choices of what a student and professor can do together, online delivery is clearly superior torepparttar 143802 traditional classroom. In effect, a professor's name and their credentials ought to be on every university student's transcript. This would demonstrate torepparttar 143803 whole worldrepparttar 143804 student has studied under and passed satisfactorily all work undertaken under this or that academic guru. Who does this? No one.

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State Academic Standards and Your Child- Did You Know?

Written by Detra Davis

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6. Discuss with your principal how you as a parent can assist your child in meeting or exceedingrepparttar state academic standards. Request that your principal use Title I Parent Involvement funds to offer training for parents interested in helping their children improve academically.

7. Parents will also want to know if teachers receive test results in a timely fashion so that they can be used to improve instruction.

8. What is your school district doing about test anxiety? One ofrepparttar 143732 best ways to reduce test anxiety is to make sure students are well prepared withrepparttar 143733 concepts, skills and knowledge on which they will be tested.

9. Parent must contact their principal to find out how student achievement levels compare to other districts, and states, by subject and student group.

10. Parent must always contact their state legislator if they are not satisfied with school funding. You put them in office to work for you. Itís about time you now hold them accountable.

The reality is that parents are their childís first teacher and if parents are stumbling throughrepparttar 143734 educational maze they will not do a good job of making sure they are providingrepparttar 143735 best education possible for their child.

Parents must know what questions to ask and what answers should be received. No longer can we rest on our laurels, work fifty or sixty hours a week and expect others to assure our studentís achievement. Knowledge is power, and that has never been more true than today.

Detra D. Davis has been writing how-to-books for over 20 years. Author of A Matter of Record: Keeping Track of Your Child Support, this tool is for both custodial and non-custodial parents. Email Detra at:, or by mail: J. Davis & Associates, P. O. Box 4935, Cary, NC 27513-4935, To learn more visit:

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