Should I Buy a Car at A Car Auction?

Written by Graeme J. Sprigge

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If you don't likerepparttar car you can usually sell it again and get your money back, even with a profit.

I have bought and sold several cars at auctions with great results and you can too. If you really want to getrepparttar 136779 lowdown before you start, then I recommend you read my book Motor Auction Profit Secrets. This will prepare you and incidentally also shows you how to profit from this activity as well.

Check it out.

Happy Bidding

Graeme Sprigge is the author of The 90 Minute Car Salesman. His latest book is a guide to auto auction profits.

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Can you really get a free car?

Written by Graeme J. Sprigge

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Otherwise they will crash. Now that's not rocket science is it?

Well, if you know anything about advertising you will realise thatrepparttar first step ofrepparttar 136778 Ultimate Advertising Mantra is.


And so we haverepparttar 136779 perfect advertising medium.

So yes it's true, they will pay you and in some cases you can actually cover your loan repayments, which means in effect.

You are getting a free car.

For even more fantastic, fresh and dynamite car tips grab a free copy of my ebook and send it to your friends or give it away from your website.

Graeme J. Sprigge is the author of 28 Dynamite Money-Making & Money-Saving Cartips - a free ebook which explores every nook of money saving and some money making ideas with cars. You can get it here.

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