Short vs Long Term Manifesting: Home or Business

Written by Susan James

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How do you do "that"?

You do itrepparttar same way. You use focus and intend. You focus with attention onrepparttar 101875 intention, (goal). This is where you may have to address your belief systems. If you are inrepparttar 101876 mail room, you have to believe that you arerepparttar 101877 president ofrepparttar 101878 company. If you don't believe that yet, then you have some "work" to do. You work on your belief systems by changing your mind. There are many ways, to change your own mind.

The quickest way, if you are willing to do it, is to write about what you want, and write every day. If you want to add some momentum, askrepparttar 101879 part of you that put that carrot there inrepparttar 101880 first place to help you. So who put that idea in your mind of wanting to berepparttar 101881 president? Well you did, inrepparttar 101882 form of your higher self.

Just ask. State your intention. Focus on it, and followrepparttar 101883 inspiration, (which means you must PAY ATTENTION, to your inner voice) that comes. When you are willing to do that fromrepparttar 101884 get go, then what you may have thought was "long term manifesting" all of a sudden fits underrepparttar 101885 "short term manifesting" column.

Ask, Ask, Ask , and Pay Attention !

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The Soul Mate Debate

Written by Rinatta Paries

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Because ofrepparttar points above, I think those who say they are looking or waiting for their soul mate really mean they are looking or waiting for someone with whom love, relationship, and intimacy will happen instantly. Unfortunately, as I said, this very rarely has a happy ending. Relationships are not about instant gratification and instantly knowing whether you are "meant to be" with someone.

A healthier, more realistic, and more successful notion is one where you and your partner grow to become "soul mates." In other words, you grow to be in love with one another, to know each other intimately, to cherish and support each other, to share closeness unequal to other relationships. And this can only happen with time.

How do you grow into "soul mates?" Here are some ideas:

* When meeting potential partners, do not look for an instant feeling of recognition or a strong connection. Instead look for a subtle attraction and a subtle connection.

* While dating, take time to become good friends and get to know each other. Do not assume you knowrepparttar 101874 person you are dating before you have been with him or her for at least 6 months.

* Emphasize excellent communication right fromrepparttar 101875 beginning. Establish a standard of communication both of you are comfortable with, and hold each other to that standard.

* Accept each other for who you are. Neither of you will be exactly likerepparttar 101876 other, nor will you do things in exactlyrepparttar 101877 same ways.

* Accept and appreciate each other's shortcomings even as you accept and appreciate each other's good qualities. No one is perfect - not even your soul mate.

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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