Shopping Carts For The Faint Of Heart

Written by T. O' Donnell

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Has a nice little wizard-based set-up. If you have a lot of items in your shop, this is an option worth checking out.

This is a very valuable feature. A person who's set up CGI scripts before will getrepparttar most out of this. Supports a wide range of credit-card processors and shipping services.

Bad points: It's ugly, awkward, and uses JavaScript too much.

7. WebGenie Shopping Cart Pro (commercial) -

A simple, wizard-based option. Uses Javascript a bit, butrepparttar 135775 main work is done by CGI scripts. It savesrepparttar 135776 credit card information on your server.

It's for someone who hasn't set up a CGI script before. Expensive for what you get, but it works. Option to buy it on hire-purchase.

8. Actinic Catalog (commercial) -

Most suitable if you have lots of items in your store. It's a 'wizard'-based PC program; you type in your information, andrepparttar 135777 program sets uprepparttar 135778 store.

You should set uprepparttar 135779 default store as-is, then customise it later. Supports a wide range of credit-card processors and shipping services. A little complicated for an internet newbie; there's quite a lot in it.

9. Order Maven (commercial) -

A clever little program. It's a standalone Windows executable, whichrepparttar 135780 customer downloads. The customer starts it up, choosesrepparttar 135781 product, enters their details, and sends off their order like an email, withrepparttar 135782 credit card details encrypted. It costs $29.00 atrepparttar 135783 time of writing. No secure server or order page needed; it's all done onrepparttar 135784 customer's PC at their leisure.

You need to customise it. Make sure you write your mail server URL intorepparttar 135785 code. Forrepparttar 135786 customer,repparttar 135787 order module is a 160kb download.

NOTE: Try to avoid carts that use cookies and javascript only, or that tie you into only one secure server and credit-card processor. Also avoid web-based services that you lease only. They can go out of business, leaving you flat.

Having readrepparttar 135788 above you should have eliminated quite a few programs from your shopping list. They either won't work properly with all browsers, or they won't encrypt your order, or they want to tie you into their manufacturers' secure order system at $40+ per month.

Another option is to get a bespoke system set up for you by a specialist company. These cost thousands of dollars. Aren't you glad you read this far?

About the author: T. O' Donnell ( is an ecommerce and web site design consultant in London, UK.

5 Tips for Online Shopping

Written by Melanie Breeze

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Tip #3: Get over your instant gratification desire. Just admit it, buying something always gives you a good feeling and you can’t wait to take pleasure in that new purchase. Anything you’re buying atrepparttar mall for that same good feeling can usually be found for a huge discount online. You just have to be willing to wait forrepparttar 135640 short 2-5 days that it takes for shipping. It’s definitely worthrepparttar 135641 savings to able to control your emotions and hold off until it arrives via UPS!

Tip #4: Watch out for excessive shipping charges. Many times retailers slash their costs to getrepparttar 135642 sale but then charge more for shipping. Make sure to checkrepparttar 135643 final cost to ensure you didn’t receive any unwarranted charges. You should also find a free shipping deal at any ofrepparttar 135644 online coupon sites. Sometimesrepparttar 135645 shipping can cost more than your purchase!

Tip #5: Online coupons : Were you aware of online coupon websites that have discount and promotion codes to nearly all internet stores? These types of websites always have up to date discount offers arranged by category or store, so you can always find something on sale. It’s not only a way to get a good deal but you can also find some ofrepparttar 135646 free shipping offers listed in tip #4. Just be careful to check for a coupon code before making any internet purchase. It’s a simple way to find extra savings. provides free online coupons, deals, and discount offers to hundreds of internet stores. They update their coupons daily and offer a free newsletter to savvy shoppers.

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