Shopping Cart Abandonment Solved!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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You now haverepparttar name and phone number of a prime valuable customer ready to buy who WANTS to hear from you.

>Fromrepparttar 109058 customers viewpoint, this is simple, responsive and satisfying. Fromrepparttar 109059 sellers position it is one ofrepparttar 109060 most powerful ecommerce tools to be announced onrepparttar 109061 web this year! This idea andrepparttar 109062 powerful software behind that simple button were announced at a press event titled "Showstoppers" duringrepparttar 109063 Spring 2001 InternetWorld conference and show inrepparttar 109064 City of Angels (Los Angeles) March 15th.

This tool receives my vote as a better ecommerce solution than any seen atrepparttar 109065 huge eCRM (Customer Relationship Management) show held concurrently withrepparttar 109066 I-World show atrepparttar 109067 LA convention center this month. The powerful tracking and reporting functions that come as part ofrepparttar 109068 package with this incredibly simple little button could turn aroundrepparttar 109069 fortunes of major e-tailers like many of those we've seen sink inrepparttar 109070 economic downturn.

Priced at a very low per-call rate starting at about $1.50 per customer contact, you can have calls routed anywhere from your cell phone to your home office and be assured of makingrepparttar 109071 sale to that customer that very likely would have walked (or clicked) right out of your e-store without that personal contact from a caring customer representative. Most so-called CRM solutions are simply automated-database-tracking-purchase- recording-preference-listing-sub-routine-predictive-expensive- file-them-here-contact-them-then-follow-up-with-them-next types of robotic de-personalizers.

CallButton offersrepparttar 109072 reporting and tracking tools available in those complex CRM solutions with two major differences. Your customer gets their questions answered and you makerepparttar 109073 sale! It's installed on your page with a short line of HTML code and you don't investrepparttar 109074 tens of thousands of dollars required of major corporations for their robotic de-personalizer software.

You makerepparttar 109075 sale, your customer is satisfied. Now comesrepparttar 109076 bonus. The upsell whilerepparttar 109077 customer is onrepparttar 109078 phone with you. This prospect has requested your contact, has an interest in more of what you sell and has qualified themselves for your services. If you don't upsell them now, you might consider doing something else with your time.

I've signed up forrepparttar 109079 service and can't imagine how I got along without it. It's priced forrepparttar 109080 small business and handily solves a difficult issue for both business owners and their customers.

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Shopping for a Shopping Cart? Make Sure you Weigh your Options First!

Written by Merle

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If you're at all good at programming with CGI, there are limitless scripts you can download for free or low cost. If you're all thumbs you could hire someone to configurerepparttar script for you. One ofrepparttar 109057 best online programmers I know of is David Black. He's fast, reliable and his prices are fair. You can contact him at


You'll find a variety of CGI shopping scripts here ranging from free up to 300.00 in price. They'll work on a variety of platforms. Each one is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for guidance in selection.

2) CGI Resource Index:

To findrepparttar 109058 goodies here you'll need to drill down to repparttar 109059 appropriate category. Click on programs and scripts, then Perl, then shopping carts.


This CGI script is for sites hosted on a Unix system. It is free to use with their logo onrepparttar 109060 pages.


Check out this free CGI Shopping cart script that passes all of your credit card sales over to PayPal for easy processing.



Specifically for FrontPage users. Cost is 179.00. Easy to set up using their step by step wizard.


Completely customizable to fit your needs. Integrates easily with FrontPage software or Dreamweaver. You can also use this cart to set up your own associate program. Works on Unix, NT servers and others. It is a little pricey at 750.00, but worth it forrepparttar 109061 features you get.

3) Your E-Ware:

Fast and easy to use, with a low price that gives this software an edge. It will hold up to 2,500 products in up to 20 product categories. Works on Win 95.98 and Mac. Downloadrepparttar 109062 free demo and take it for a spin. Final cost is under 100.00

There you have some ofrepparttar 109063 various options to choose from when setting up your online storefront. Before jumping intorepparttar 109064 e-commerce waters, make sure you weigh your options and chooserepparttar 109065 one that best fits your needs and your budget.

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