Shop and Personal Safety

Written by Dave Markel

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Make sure you avoid loose clothing and roll up your sleeves. Remove rings, and tie up long hair.

Having sharp tools and blades is important. It takes less force to performrepparttar cut and that reducesrepparttar 116177 chance of getting injured.

Some safety measure should be no brainers. Don't drink or take drugs and operate power tools!

Part of being safe is to also be prepared. Accidents do happen despite all precautions. Do you have a plan inrepparttar 116178 event you get injured?

How far away isrepparttar 116179 phone?

Will somebody hear your call for help?

Do you have a first aid kit inrepparttar 116180 shop?

Plan now because you won't be thinking too clear after you are injured.

The important thing to remember is to not get complacent. Performing repetative actions can cause one to loose focus and thats when you get hurt.

Remember to read manuals, and if you aren't sure how to do something ask. Go online and learn how to do things properly.

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The Art of Découpage

Written by Eileen Bergen

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The art has a long and fascinating history. In eastern Siberia, cutout felt figures and designs were used to decorate objects found in tombs dating from beforerepparttar time of Christ.

The art of elaborate cutting seems to have spread from there to China. In 12th century China, paper cutouts were used to decorate windows, lanterns, gift boxes and other objects. After a while, artisans began applying multiple layers of lacquer to make their work more durable and attractive.

Inrepparttar 116176 late 17th century, lacquer furniture fromrepparttar 116177 Far East became fashionable in Europe. Demand quickly exceeded supply and Venetian cabinet-makers and lacquerers began to copy and changerepparttar 116178 art form.

At that time,repparttar 116179 wealthy were inrepparttar 116180 habit of commissioning master painters to paint their furniture. It didn’t take long forrepparttar 116181 découpeurs to draw copies of masterworks and have prints made for their use. In fact, many antiques formerly believed to have been painted byrepparttar 116182 masters were later found to have been copies using very skillful découpage.

To learn more about découpage and how to use this technique yourself, visit:

Eileen Bergen The Artful Crafter

Ms. Bergen has had a varied career, first as a special education teacher and than, after getting a MBA degree, as a vice president of a major insurance company. For the last eight years she has been creating and selling her crafts.

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