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Written by Jordan Walt

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Independent agencies have actually been around longer thanrepparttar captive market (i.e. Farmers, Allstate, etc), and typically have been known to writerepparttar 150815 majority of commercial insurance. Captives have taken a larger percentage ofrepparttar 150816 personal lines (home, auto, etc.) market, even though an IA can generally offer them comparable, if not better, coverage. This is due torepparttar 150817 captive companies having millions of dollars to put into advertising to draw inrepparttar 150818 consumer. Onrepparttar 150819 other hand, many people never know what an independent agency even is. This givesrepparttar 150820 captive market an obvious advantage, but as people become more educated on this topic, more will look torepparttar 150821 independent segment to meet their insurance needs. An IA can obviously bring a lot torepparttar 150822 table for any consumer,repparttar 150823 real question is: Why are consumers not bringing more of them torepparttar 150824 table?

By: Jordan Walt, Independent Agent for AIC Insurance Agency:

A Graduate of Oregon State University and an agent for AIC Insurance Agency.

Choosing the Moving Service You Need

Written by Ispas Marin

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If moving to another state make sure you understandrepparttar information you'll receive. The moving company is required to give you more then justrepparttar 150769 brochures explainingrepparttar 150770 moving services they provide, a copy of a consumer booklet withrepparttar 150771 title "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move". Besides that, you should also receive information aboutrepparttar 150772 mover's participation in a Dispute Settlement Program.

The arrangements for you move should be made in advance, 5-6 weeks beforerepparttar 150773 moving date is a minimum.

Before choosingrepparttar 150774 mover make sure you understandrepparttar 150775 following: - rates and charges ofrepparttar 150776 moving company forrepparttar 150777 services; -repparttar 150778 liability forrepparttar 150779 belongings; -repparttar 150780 way pickup and delivery will be done; -repparttar 150781 claims protection you have. a great directory for moving quotes, moving service companies, full service movers, local movers, long distance movers in states like New York, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois and many more ...

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