Shoes Gone Astray

Written by David Leonhardt

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90 seconds later,repparttar cold sweat had miraculously been replaced with a single affirmation: "I will improvise"

The next morning, I began my speech: "You might be wondering why I am wearing running shoes today. Well, it's about this petition here. When I'm done speaking, I'll be running door to door and I want every one of you to come running with me, too."

It was notrepparttar 132562 speech I had come to deliver, but it worked just as well. Better, in fact. My little "goof-up" became a clever demonstration of action speaking louder than words.

Shoe lesson number two. When you forget your shoes, improvise.

My brother was getting married. We had just witnessedrepparttar 132563 signing ofrepparttar 132564 papers at their house, and they were rushing over to another place forrepparttar 132565 the ceremony. Don't ask!

As we locked up their house, my wife's sandal broke. She tried walking in it, but to no avail. So off torepparttar 132566 nearest shoe store we flew figuratively, that is. This is not another story about losing shoes hundreds or thousands of feet above a desert or a traffic jam.

We knew they would wait for us before startingrepparttar 132567 ceremony. What we did not know is how long they would wait.

That day, my wife performed a miracle that no other woman has done before or since. She went intorepparttar 132568 store and came out just five minutes later withrepparttar 132569 perfect pair of sandals smashing to smithereensrepparttar 132570 old woman-shopping-for-shoes Olympic record!

Shoe lesson number three. If you break your shoes, improvise.

Perhapsrepparttar 132571 most important lesson here is that, contrary to popular belief,repparttar 132572 shoe does not makerepparttar 132573 man (or woman). Butrepparttar 132574 lack of shoes sure can build character.

And it gives us a great opportunity to improvise.

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How do you define happiness?

Written by David Leonhardt

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Spammers also waste emails on replacing body parts we never had and enhancing body parts we could never have, when what we really want is to know God better.

Here is a typical spammer email: "Hair loss? We just releasedrepparttar miracle cure. Grow your hair back thicker than a wooly mammoth preparing forrepparttar 132560 next ice age. This is worth a gazillion dollars, but you get it free for just pennies a day. Give me your credit card number before midnight tonight. I can't afford to offer this price for long. Beware phony products that drip funny colors in your face or make hair grow in allrepparttar 132561 wrong places. This isrepparttar 132562 real thing!"

Instead, spammers should be saying: "Faithless? Book your luncheon withrepparttar 132563 Pope, dinner withrepparttar 132564 Dalai Lama and a one-on-one chat with Moses. Reserve your seat free for just a handful of pennies. Give me your credit card number before midnight tonight. Act now. I can't afford to offer this price for long. Beware phony reservations for meetings with Michael Jackson and other fake gods. This isrepparttar 132565 real thing!"

Byrepparttar 132566 way, Mother Nature was also a part of many definitions of happiness. So take your family down byrepparttar 132567 river for a prayer. And if you can lend a helping hand to a chipmunk or a duck, you'll berepparttar 132568 perfect definition of happiness.

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