Shipyard Plantation - Hilton Head Island

Written by Josh Szatmari

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Villas-Condos arerepparttar major vacation rental properties in Hilton Head Island - Shipyard Plantation although there are a few vacation homes. Adjacent torepparttar 140751 Crowne Plaza, Shipyard Plantation has a private beach club and reserved parking forrepparttar 140752 resort's guests. Bicycling is very popular in Shipyard, and there are more than twelve miles of bike paths.

The tranquility and peacefulness makes Shipyard Plantation one of Hilton Head Island's best vacation areas.

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Touring Niagara Falls & Surrounding Area

Written by Clint Leung

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Close by is Marineland which isrepparttar Canadian equivalent ofrepparttar 140750 Sea Worlds in Florida and California. This attraction is probablyrepparttar 140751 best of its kind in Canada with both marine and land animals. In addition to excellent shows withrepparttar 140752 standard killer whales, dolphins and sea lions, Marineland added Beluga whales fromrepparttar 140753 high Arctic. One often missed attraction isrepparttar 140754 nearby town of Niagara-on-the-Lake which is an easy 10 minute drive north. This town of quaint, elegant boutiques andrepparttar 140755 home ofrepparttar 140756 Shaw Festival theatre is totally different fromrepparttar 140757 busier and more touristy Niagara Falls. One should definitely pay a visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake to enjoy a nice break fromrepparttar 140758 crowds ofrepparttar 140759 falls area. For cyclists and inline skaters, there's a wonderful trail not to be missed nearby.

For wine enthusiasts, there are numerous wineries inrepparttar 140760 surrounding Niagara area in Ontario. Many of these wineries are open torepparttar 140761 public for taste samples as well as tours of their orchards and facilities. The Niagara area is whererepparttar 140762 famous ice wines of Ontario are made. If you haven't tried this premium dessert wine made from frozen grapes picked inrepparttar 140763 middle ofrepparttar 140764 Canadian winter, there's ample opportunity to do so here inrepparttar 140765 Niagara region at bothrepparttar 140766 wineries that make them as well as repparttar 140767 many restaurants that feature them.

Niagara Falls is still a great attraction but there's much more to see and do besidesrepparttar 140768 usual touristy things so heavily promoted. If you haven't been to Niagara Falls, it's definitely worth a visit, especially if added on with a trip to Toronto. For those who have been to Niagara Falls but haven't been for many years, a return visit will reveal much more than ever before, especially inrepparttar 140769 surrounding areas such as Niagara-on-the-Lake that might have been missed out on prior trips.

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