Shipping cars or motorhomes by sea freight

Written by Richard Hack

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involved. Buyers should also consider Marine Insurance Haverepparttar owner professionally steam clean and vacuumrepparttar 138425 car to remove ALL soil and organic matter. Ship no personal effects or other belongings inrepparttar 138426 car Use a company that responds quickly to your enquiries, and specialises in car shipping Look to purchase cars close to a main sea port inrepparttar 138427 country ofrepparttar 138428 seller. Or haverepparttar 138429 seller responsible to get it to por. Keep all copies of documentation like “bill of sale” etc. This will be needed for your Customs clearance. Sellers should consider Inrepparttar 138430 USA power of Attorney will be needed to be give torepparttar 138431 freight forwarder forrepparttar 138432 export documentation. You will needrepparttar 138433 title of ownership to authorise export. Countries all have different regulations regarding car importing so it is best you check these with your local vehicle authorities. If you need any assistance feel free to contactrepparttar 138434 Author.

18 years in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. Specialist in out of gauge and project cargo.

Lemon Laws for Used Cars are Just Around the Corner

Written by Charles Essmeier

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it outlinesrepparttar need for laws that cover sales of used cars as well as new ones. While all states have a lemon law that coversrepparttar 138381 sale of defective new vehicles, few states have laws that protect buyers of used vehicles. As a result, many buyers have become victims of deceptive practices such as rolling back a vehicle’s odometer to show fewer miles, reselling cars that have previously been bought back by manufacturers as lemons and selling wrecked cars that have been repaired without noting their accident history. In addition, many used car dealers sell cars using deceptive financing terms that can add hundreds or thousands of dollars torepparttar 138382 cost ofrepparttar 138383 vehicle, often withoutrepparttar 138384 buyer’s knowledge.

If this bill does become law in California, expect other states to follow, just as they did with lemon laws. Consumer protection benefits everyone, and laws protecting buyers of used cars are just aroundrepparttar 138385 corner.

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