Shift Happens

Written by Rob Wheeler

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I tell you this story for too often you think that you must be repparttar one who makerepparttar 123948 shift in your thinking to evoke positive results in your life. You holdrepparttar 123949 thought that you must reach deep within yourself and *gut it out* Some howrepparttar 123950 notion that "I and I alone" comes torepparttar 123951 surface.

Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 123952 truth. While it is true that you are responsible, it is NOT true that you must travel this path ALONE. This phenomenon of *doing it alone* seems particularly geared towards men, but women aren't immune either.

As I reflect on many ofrepparttar 123953 crises that have come into my life there were times that I have attempted (noterepparttar 123954 word attempted) to makerepparttar 123955 shift by myself. I was going to make it happen. And in some cases there seemed to be a positive change. Then I would discover that I had another experience ofrepparttar 123956 same nature. What was that all about? Hadn't I made a shift? I was so busy *looking* forrepparttar 123957 changes, *making* them happen, that I couldn't *see* that I was blockingrepparttar 123958 answer. Back to square one!

Then I was reminded of that which I already knew. It is when we reach out inrepparttar 123959 silence and ask for help thatrepparttar 123960 answer comes. It is when we allow that for which was asked to occur, when we get out ofrepparttar 123961 way, when we release that which binds us torepparttar 123962 past- shift happens.

Rob Wheeler is a Life Purpose Coach who works with individuals experiencing a sense of lack of direction or purpose in their life. As a coach he provides the tools to live every moment with Love, Harmony and Mindful Abundance. You can discover more about Rob at and subscribe to his newsletter "Perspectives" by sending blank email to:

Visualize Your Way To Success

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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Totally immerse yourself in this exercise becauserepparttar stronger your visual picture,repparttar 123947 strongerrepparttar 123948 outcome.

Read you first Statement of Desire out loud.

Say to yourself, ‘Who will I be BEing when …… is no longer a problem?’

Close your eyes and imagine yourself asrepparttar 123949 person who is livingrepparttar 123950 statement. For instance, if your goal is a Ferrari, imagine yourself sitting inrepparttar 123951 driving seat. Feelrepparttar 123952 cool leather,repparttar 123953 power ofrepparttar 123954 engine, smellrepparttar 123955 ‘new car’ smell, hearrepparttar 123956 beat ofrepparttar 123957 music fromrepparttar 123958 state ofrepparttar 123959 art stereo, feelrepparttar 123960 wind in your hair as you put your foot down.

Or imagine travelling torepparttar 123961 dealership in Italy. First class tickets on Concorde, superb food and champagne, total excitement! Being picked up by a Limo atrepparttar 123962 airport and driven torepparttar 123963 Ferrari dealership. A tour ofrepparttar 123964 factory to see just how lovingly and painstakingly your car was hand crafted. Then… aaah, there she is! See yourself doingrepparttar 123965 money transfer straight from your bank to theirs. Finally, she’s all yours!

Can you feel, see, hear, taste and smell your goal? It needs to be a crystal clear vision of success. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come straight away,repparttar 123966 longer you practice Visualization,repparttar 123967 better you get.

The most important factor is that you have to make sure you feel allrepparttar 123968 emotions you would feel at this time. Feelrepparttar 123969 ‘bursting’ excitement of driving that amazing car,repparttar 123970 anticipation ofrepparttar 123971 night before,repparttar 123972 exhilaration of achieving your goal.

Imagery is controlled byrepparttar 123973 primitive part of our brain that also controls emotion. When a stimulus comes into our brain it goes through this area first. This area doesn’t distinguish between right and wrong, real or imagined, just between emotion and none. So,repparttar 123974 strongerrepparttar 123975 emotion,repparttar 123976 more vividrepparttar 123977 picture,repparttar 123978 more your subconscious will believe what you feed it.

I find that whenever I want to bring about a change in, my life I write out a Statement of Desire and it gets so strong that I actually begin to dream about it. That’s when you know you’re getting through and changes are taking place.

Continue these exercises for 21 days (how long it takes to form a new habit) and you’ll see a transformation in your life!

Lisa van den Berg is the author of ‘Alleviate Stress – 11 Simple and Easy Ways to Transform Your Life!’ Take the free online Stress Test at to see how much stress you’re under and why you need to do something about it right now!

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