Shift Happens

Written by White Feather

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You see, imprinting takes a little bit of energy; not much, just a little zap. But using cached default images takes no real energy at all. Everything is already on file there inrepparttar noggin and all we've got to do is click onrepparttar 122172 default image we want.

This same idea can be applied to thoughts and beliefs and emotions.

So one way of looking at things would be to say that if one is not seeingrepparttar 122173 shift then one is seeing cached default images instead. By "clearing out our cache" we are coaxing ourselves to open our eyes and see and feel anew. By learning to feel with our eyes and see with our feelings we can stay out of default mode and we can open oourselves to unlimited beauty and joy and undeniable evidence of a very major shift in awareness.

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Warm Your Heart and Stir Your Soul

Written by John Cali

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You may be asking "What movies will I get to see?"

Joining The Spiritual Cinema Circle opensrepparttar door to a new world. You'll see movies with allrepparttar 122171 great themes of spiritual cinema:

Life after life

Enhanced powers and sensibilities

Reality and time

Visionary romance and adventures

The power of love

Movies with heart and soul

You'll get to see award-winning movies that you would probably never see otherwise. In fact, your subscription will give you access to films each month that only attendees of film festivals aroundrepparttar 122172 world get to see -- and you never have to leave home!

You'll also get to see wonderful shorter films.

Many ofrepparttar 122173 best movies made every year are under an hour long, and almost nobody gets to see them. If you think Hollywood 's prejudiced against spiritual cinema, it's nothing compared with its prejudice against shorter movies. That's unfortunate, because many great movies are made each year that are never seen because they’re only an hour or a half-hour long.

There are lots of evenings when I don't have time to watch a feature-length movie. That's when I really feel blessed, because I have access to wonderful, deeply moving films I can see in under an hour.

Movies that inspire, heal and transform our lives.

Each movie you receive is selected for its spiritual and psychological depth and its value in enriching your life.

In addition to movies, you'll get my newsletter, full of reviews and useful information aboutrepparttar 122174 new world of spiritual cinema.

Play it forward, plant it forward.

The CIRCLE is a wonderful new way to advancerepparttar 122175 cause of spiritual cinema. When you receive your DVDs each month, you're encouraged to "Play it forward" by inviting friends and family into The CIRCLE to watchrepparttar 122176 movies with you.

As a special bonus, and to offset any environmental impact of sending your DVDs each month, The CIRCLE will plant a tree in your honor when you become a member ofrepparttar 122177 community. Your membership becomes a way to "Plant it forward" as well as "Play it forward."

With your eyes and ears you are helping us start a revolution -- and an evolution.

It's a special kind of evolution, one you can enjoy right at home in your living room.

I hope you will join me in showing Hollywood how bigrepparttar 122178 worldwide spiritual cinema community really is.

I hope you'll join me in saying NO to endless recycled, unimaginative films and YES to inspiring, moving spiritual cinema.

That's it!

For less thanrepparttar 122179 cost of three tickets torepparttar 122180 latest Nightmare on Elm Street, sequel #18 or Die Hard, version 37, you get at least 3 entertaining and heartwarming Spiritual Cinema experiences every month -- and never have to send anything back.

PLUS, you are contributing torepparttar 122181 growth of spiritual cinema inrepparttar 122182 world. By encouraging film makers to make more ofrepparttar 122183 kind of movies you and I want to see, you have a direct influence onrepparttar 122184 future ofrepparttar 122185 industry.

Here's what one of our subscribers has to say about The Spiritual Cinema Circle:

"These movies really have been fantastic. It is an incredible deal for $21 a month, and it can make a change inrepparttar 122186 world by promoting something different thanrepparttar 122187 usual fare of violence and special effects.

“These movies have real depth, real meaning, real people in them, and can touch something spiritual and awaken it, where special effects movies leave one numb.

“I am showing them to groups of people, holding a Spiritual Cinema Night once a month onrepparttar 122188 third Friday. Response has been great!

“I encourage you to join.”

Joinrepparttar 122189 Circle today, and you’ll start receiving your DVDs withinrepparttar 122190 next 30 days. You'll be so glad you did!

Warmest thoughts,

Stephen Simon

P.S. from John:

You can also become a Spiritual Cinema affiliate (it’s free). You’ll be able to promote The Spiritual Cinema Circle and earn commissions. Go to:

If you have any questions, please write me at:

Or call me at: 307-899-0569 (inrepparttar 122191 USA’s mountain time zone)

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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