She’s Hot in the Road…

Written by Maricon Williams

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Boy 4: Motorcycles are like ladies because you have to care for them and not just any care but you simply have to buy them so many accessories just to look good and if that is not girly stuffs then I don’t know. - This one answer is probablyrepparttar closest thing torepparttar 149088 explanation I am searching for funny but definitely TRUE.

Boy 5: Motorcycles are notrepparttar 149089 only things that men refer to as their girl but also cars. There are some names of car parts that signify women. Take for examplerepparttar 149090 skirt. I guess men just love women. - Very true I have never met any straight man who is not a lover of women.

Afterrepparttar 149091 interview as I go overrepparttar 149092 answer ofrepparttar 149093 guys I interviewed I came to a conclusion that women are seen in almost everything that men came in contact with. It might be because they deem women as important to them or probably they see women as a part of them that they just can’t leave without or I might be wrong…

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Are You Overlooking a Simple Revenue Generator?

Written by Dianne E. Dawson, M.A.

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Know what else I realized?

The dentist’s office never called about scheduling that return visit.

That’s lost revenue for them, especially sincerepparttar more time that goes by,repparttar 149087 less likelyrepparttar 149088 client is to call to make that appointment.

And it was easy revenue forrepparttar 149089 practice. Easy in thatrepparttar 149090 sale had already been made. I was totally agreeable to gettingrepparttar 149091 service, it was simply a scheduling matter.

How many times has your practice lost revenue because nobody pursued it?

It doesn’t matter ifrepparttar 149092 client is checking their calendar, checking their insurance coverage, consulting with a spouse or simply thinking it over.

Make that follow-up call.

There is revenue atrepparttar 149093 other end of that telephone.

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