"Sharpen Your Email Skills!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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4. USE A Clear and Distinct Subject Line.

Ifrepparttar person you are sending your message just readsrepparttar 109614 Subject line and finds it wanting, you will probably get deleted BEFORE you get read. Try to make your Subject line a complete and interesting idea.

5. KEEP Your First Message Short.

If someone is responding to an online ad or posting in a discussion group, give them just enough to inform and excite.

Too much info sent out in your first communication might also make them delete before reading your message in its entirety.

If they are truly interested, they WILL request more information. Once they request a follow-up, you can send them a more detailed email. Therefore, do use: Short paragraphs, Lines under sixty-five characters and Email under twenty-five lines total.

6. TARGET Your Response and Keep In Focus.

Nobody likes an email that starts in one direction and then losesrepparttar 109615 point mid-email.

7. CREATE A File To Your Most FAQ.

Have email responses to your most frequently asked questions, FAQ. For example, if you run an ad featuring your business Opportunity, you will need to customize those response emails to that particular situation. Then keep them handy, like in your email inbox, so you can "Cut and Paste" your responses.

You should have on file a short, first response email, a longer, more detailed follow-up as well as a third short reminder message. The reminder is used about a week or two after sendingrepparttar 109616 detailed response to keep your message fresh inrepparttar 109617 mind of your prospect.

It does pay to follow-up.

8. ALWAYS Use A Signature File.

Your signature is very much like an electronic business card forrepparttar 109618 Internet. Keep it short, about 4 or 5 lines is considered appropriate.

Again, it is always wise to send yourself an email to SEE how it will look to those to which you email. More on Signatures at: http://emailexchange.org/sig.html

9. TEST Your Messages.

Send out two or three versions ofrepparttar 109619 same basic message so That you can evaluate which gives you a better response rate.


Keep those on your list well informed by updating any changes, notices of specials, limited time offers, etc.

Invest some time when you first start your email campaign and it will save you countless hours downrepparttar 109620 road when you need it repparttar 109621 most to answer those responses and fill those orders.

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Back Up Your Email Box Before It is Too Late

Written by Bill Platt

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The Empty Trash Folder command will only compressrepparttar messages forrepparttar 109613 item that is inrepparttar 109614 Trash Folder. In order to dorepparttar 109615 same for your entire email system, you must userepparttar 109616 command Compress Folders.

The simple action of sending email torepparttar 109617 trash without compressingrepparttar 109618 folders or simply emptyingrepparttar 109619 trash can also lead to great destabilization of your email client. So please take great care to maintain your email client software as it should be.

If there is one thing that I have learned with computers, one should always prepare forrepparttar 109620 worst case scenario. Always! In order to be fully prepared forrepparttar 109621 worst case scenario with your email, you should do regular backups of your mail folders.

Here I will explain how to do that outside ofrepparttar 109622 email client's process for this purpose. I am also explaining how to do so only for Outlook Express and Netscape Mail. I have never ran an Eudora client atrepparttar 109623 times I was exploring this scenario.


In your windows Explorer, you will find a folder, most likely with this precise name. The only difference you might see is inrepparttar 109624 Application Key as noted betweenrepparttar 109625 {}.

C:WINDOWSApplication DataIdentities {B074ABA0-9FFF-11D4-AE87-FE1E7BFD5248}MicrosoftOutlook Express

When you navigate to this folder, this isrepparttar 109626 default location where your Outlook Express Email is stored. Simply highlight repparttar 109627 last folder, "Outlook Express" and copy it to another location. In most cases, this folder will be way too large to copy to a Floppy Drive. Most likely, you will need to copy it to a Zip drive or another location on your hard drive.

You can also saverepparttar 109628 individual *.dbx files, which outline repparttar 109629 contents of each of your mail boxes,repparttar 109630 Inbox,repparttar 109631 Outbox, etc.

If you are really bored, you can sendrepparttar 109632 *.dbx file to Wordpad to viewrepparttar 109633 actual format of a mailbox from a text standpoint. You can use this only in a worst case scenario to attempt to rebuild a broken mail box. Always make backups ofrepparttar 109634 file before trying to repair it by hand --- Always!!!


The location ofrepparttar 109635 mail storage is: C:Program FilesNetscapeUsersusernameMail

Of course, replace "username" with your username.

Withinrepparttar 109636 Netscape Mail system, you will discover three file types: *.sbd, *.snm, and (blank).

The *.sbd is a folder that contains all of your sub-folders. The *.snm isrepparttar 109637 indexing file of your email. The (blank), ie. "Inbox" without an extension, is your actual mail messages recorded in plain text. You can also send these files to your Wordpad application to viewrepparttar 109638 contents. Do not save this file when you close it unless you are trying to rebuild your box, and if so, always make sure you have a backup before doing so.

If you deleterepparttar 109639 *.snm,repparttar 109640 *.snm file will rebuild itself repparttar 109641 next time you open your Netscape Mail application.

Taking these precautions and knowing this information, you will never have to chance losing all of your important emails again. The time you take today to backup your email box can save you repparttar 109642 worst nightmare ever. Trust me, I have been there.

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