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Written by Doreene Clement

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Using a photo album - The same ideas can be incorporated using a photo album that has plastic sleeves. Insert a photo into a plastic sleeve. Then, in as many other sleeves as you want you can use colored paper, index cards, anything you want to write on, and tellrepparttar story ofrepparttar 145556 picture. You can include a card that you have cut to size, and that says just whatrepparttar 145557 photo means to you. You can write in detail aboutrepparttar 145558 vacation spotrepparttar 145559 photo shows. Writing aboutrepparttar 145560 photo of a family member, friend, favorite pet, favorite pet, your spouse, can be a wonderful way to record and share what each photo meant to you.

Children can also create their own Sharing Journals. Purchase a large book that is blank, or create your own from copy paper and a stapler. Get outrepparttar 145561 crayons and colored pencils and haverepparttar 145562 kids draw their day, their favorite experience with their pet, or any idea they want to draw. After they are done drawing sit with them and ask about what their drawing means to them. If there is a cat inrepparttar 145563 picture ask them to writerepparttar 145564 word cat and anything else they want to add in writing about their drawing.

Your experiences are treasured keepsakes. Combiningrepparttar 145565 visual elements with your words creates an extended experience that you can view throughrepparttar 145566 years to come. Your Sharing Journal.

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DYI Divorce

Written by Sara Jenkins

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a DYI Divorce, you should be able to firmly state your wishes to your spouse and not be intimidated by him or her. If your marriage has not been totally free of spouse or child abuse, you can't go for a DYI Divorce. And if you or your spouse is not in active military service, you can definitely file a DYI Divorce. But you cannot file a Divorce, if there are any previous legal proceedings that have been instituted for a divorce, legal separation, child custody, or domestic violence between you and your spouse.

To settle your DYI divorce, either you or your spouse will have to file a petition withrepparttar court. A petition is a legal document set out in numbered paragraphs. The statements inrepparttar 145555 paragraph are called allegations or averments. They are a must for DYI Divorce. These DYI Divorce petitions giverepparttar 145556 court jurisdiction over you, your spouse, your children, your property and your divorce.

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