Shared versus Dedicated IP Hosting - what is more effective?

Written by Marc Boudreau

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- Anonymous FTP - Anonymous FTP is a method of sharing files onrepparttar Internet. Anonymous FTP means a server will allow anyone using an FTP software access to a public directory. This service is called Anonymous FTP becauserepparttar 151212 user name used to sign in is "anonymous." To enable anonymous FTP many web hosting companies will require a dedicated IP forrepparttar 151213 anonymous FTP function to work properly.

- Private Domain Name Server - An example of a name server would look like this: [NS.REBELNETWORKS.COM, NS2.REBELNETWORKS.COM]. Since all web hosting companies provide you with their DNS servers, you don't need to have your own. But if you choose to have your own name server you will need to have a dedicated IP address to do so.

Another benefit of a dedicated IP address is that website will have more control over their search engine results. Presently, search engines along with many telecom and internet service providers aroundrepparttar 151214 world have been fighting to block spam activity. This has been accomplished through blacklisting IP addresses that have spammed in one way or another. Since shared IP address users are mixed together onrepparttar 151215 same server IP with many others websites, innocent web sites have been blacklisted from search engines.

In short - individuals who would like full control over their website, e-commerce web sites who need their own SSL certificates, and individuals who want to fully optimize their website for search engine results should consider a Static IP address.

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How to install a .rpm file

Written by Bill Holder

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type rpm -Uvh nameoffile.rpm

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