Shared RSS - Syndication for the Rest of Us

Written by Andrew J. Morris

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None of this confusion of method and purpose has helped spread this really useful tool. Most RSS aggregators can read any of these formats, sorepparttar situation is not as hopeless as it may seem, but many folks still throwrepparttar 118584 whole thing out when they can't figure out exactly how it is supposed to work.

On we use version 1.0 because it is endorsed by W3C as being supportive ofrepparttar 118585 'semantic web.' For repparttar 118586 casual user however,repparttar 118587 version is really not important. SharedRSS is a simple site that performs a very powerful function ... it bringsrepparttar 118588 benefits of RSS syndication to all those who publish websites, but who add new material too infrequently to warrant having their own RSS feed.

RSS Syndication was designed to help people find out about new content onrepparttar 118589 web, long beforerepparttar 118590 search engines get around to finding it. It makes it easy for people to find out about new content that interests them, without having to return torepparttar 118591 search engines and wade through allrepparttar 118592 material they have seen before. For sites with frequently changing content, it has worked well for them to create their own RSS feed and update it as new content is added to their website. But what about all those sites that only add an occasional new article or story to their website, or who publish a newsletter once per month? Or those who just can't takerepparttar 118593 time to figurerepparttar 118594 ins and outs of formatting an RSS feed? An RSS feed that only gets updated once every few months is of little value; very few people will add it to their search list in their aggregator. Shared RSS solves this problem by lumping together articles from different sites coveringrepparttar 118595 same topic, and lets them announcerepparttar 118596 availability of their new material in a feed shared with others publishing onrepparttar 118597 same topic. This makesrepparttar 118598 feeds more useful torepparttar 118599 consumer, so they are more likely to addrepparttar 118600 link to their aggregator. It benefits repparttar 118601 publisher by making more people aware of their material as soon as it is put on-line.

Andrew J. Morris is the owner and creator of SharedRSS -- a website that allows all website owners to syndicate their newly added material for FREE.

Spy Scanners Ė Donít Compromise your Privacy

Written by Gina Marie Capatar

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Installing a good spyware/adware scanner and removal software - There are a number of spyware scanner and/or removal softwares inrepparttar market today. A good spyware scanner can effectively locate all spywares installed on your PC and a good spyware removal tool can effectively remove allrepparttar 118583 spywares detected.

Spy Scanners are programs designed to detect spies in your PC. A good spy scanner can effectively search throughrepparttar 118584 most unnoticeable embedded files that spy on you.

Most Spy scanners include a spyware removal function. Other spy scanners do not entail spyware removal features but displayrepparttar 118585 logs ofrepparttar 118586 spyware detected in your PC. The information inrepparttar 118587 logs containsrepparttar 118588 location and nature ofrepparttar 118589 spywares.

For spy scanners with no built-in spyware removal functions, a manual deletion ofrepparttar 118590 spyware files could also be done sincerepparttar 118591 location andrepparttar 118592 file type is specified inrepparttar 118593 logs. Some Spy scanner products onrepparttar 118594 market today have spyware scan available for non-paying users andrepparttar 118595 removal tool available only for paying users.

Spy Scanners when installed can be chosen to run on demand or periodically.

Gina Marie Capatar is the main writer of and is currently accepting freelance technical writing jobs. You can find more of her work at and feel free to contact her at

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