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participate at some of events. Since its inception inrepparttar year 2000,repparttar 132169 movement has organized more than

70 events for over 6 000 children from 15 nations, and enjoyedrepparttar 132170 support of many governmental and cultural organizations.

Plan your own event

Start contributing by creating your own Event! Send us a few details about your organization andrepparttar 132171 type of Fun Day Event

that you would like to sponsor.

Your resort may choose to footrepparttar 132172 whole bill forrepparttar 132173 event or co-operate with other sponsors to make it a really memorable

day out. You might be lucky enough to have a forward thinking team that sees this mission so positively that they plan to

execute one of these days every three months or even more frequently.

Your organization will be a Sponsor of a event and will receive a recognition certificate fromrepparttar 132174 Charity

to honor your thoughtful and meaningful contribution torepparttar 132175 kids.

Inspiring your company/employer to join and support "fun raising activities"

Helping in charity activities will bring immense joy torepparttar 132176 underprivileged children but will also bring

great benefits to your company. guarantees company sponsoring charity events great media and public

exposure. As a result, this will bring your company big promotional benefits.

You can participate by sending your employees to volunteer in our projects or support movement by a simple


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Portrait of India: Indian People, Indian movies, Indian recipes, India festivals & more.

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India has onerepparttar oldest film industries inrepparttar 132167 world. The first Indian feature film, Raja Harishchandra directed by Dadasaheb Phalke (3700 feet long), was released in 1913. Indian film industry isrepparttar 132168 biggest film industries inrepparttar 132169 world producing around 800 movies annually. A reasonably budgeted Indian movie could cost US$ 1 million. Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali and Malayalam arerepparttar 132170 languages producing large number of movies reflectingrepparttar 132171 cultural diversity ofrepparttar 132172 Indian film industry. Most ofrepparttar 132173 Indian movies are based on family, romance, comedy, action, patriotism and religion. is focused on revealing & sharing life style & community bounding of NRIs living in USA & Canada. The culture &repparttar 132174 people with multiple languages all are featured here. Explore for a rich global Indian community experience including Indian culture, festivals, cuisine, movies, classifieds and more.

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