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Exercise: Shar Pei's need an average amount of exercise and if their exercise needs are met, they will be calm when indoors.

History: It is presumed thatrepparttar Shar Pei evolved fromrepparttar 148546 same Asian Mastiff family asrepparttar 148547 Chow Chow, as they have similar blue/black tongues. They were used byrepparttar 148548 Chinese for protection against wild animals and bandits. Inrepparttar 148549 14th century, Marco Polo found them to be excellent hunters and later they became known asrepparttar 148550 Chinese Fighting Dogs and also as a source of food. It was in 1947 whenrepparttar 148551 Communist regime came into power, and many dogs were destroyed as they were a drain on food resources. A dog lover in Hong Kong made appeals to kennel clubs aroundrepparttar 148552 world, which fortunately for this breed prevented them from becoming extinct.

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Shar Pei's have become well known with their unusual appearance of wrinkly skin and a frowning expression. These dogs are prone to hereditary eye problems that are caused by inturned eyelids (entropion), causing irritation and tear stains. Skin problems can also arise with their wrinkly skin. It is very important with this breed that puppies are bought from reputable breeders, especially in countries where there is a small pool of breeding stock.

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Dog Supplies: What’s Needed Versus What Might Be Fun to Have

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The other supplies needed for happy dogs are simple:

 A weighted food and water bowl. Dogs, especially puppies, seem to have a fondness for playing in their dinner as much as eating it.  A well made crate or dog house, depending on whether or notrepparttar dog will be an inside or outside dog; at least three leashes of varying lengths, used for training and walking purposes. The book you get will explain howrepparttar 148410 different sized leashes are used in training.  Chew toys, chew toys, chew toys. Dogs, especially puppies, need to exercise their gums regularly and unless you plan on replacing your furniture, your expensive crown molding and your slippers on a regular basis, get your new friend a wide selection of chew toys.  And finally, DOG FOOD! Despite what some animal rights groups would have you believe, dogs are carnivores. They eat meat. So checkrepparttar 148411 ingredients. If corn and other types of vegetables isrepparttar 148412 first ingredient listed, your new four-legged friend is not getting what he needs. Look for chicken or beef to be listed asrepparttar 148413 first ingredient.

A few more supplies you will need asrepparttar 148414 dog gets older, but aren’t necessarily mandatory when you first get your puppy include; a good brush, ID tag and dog treats. Treats are better utilized as just that – treats. Instead of using treats as a training aid, substitute your dog’s favorite toy. Trust me, after about a month you will discover what his favorite toy is.

And now forrepparttar 148415 supplies that might be fun to have. Squeaky toys are very cute inrepparttar 148416 store and your dog will love them. But they will get very old very quickly. Imagine this scenario. You’ve just walked inrepparttar 148417 front door from a long day at work. You sit down to watch TV and decompress and fromrepparttar 148418 other side ofrepparttar 148419 room you hear, “Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.” That will get old very quickly.

And even though they’re cute, please save your dog’s dignity and avoid buying any clothes, designer or otherwise, for Fido. Have you ever really looked at a dog’s face when he’s wearing clothes? He’s embarrassed. A good rule of thumb to use is this – if you wouldn’t be seen in public wearing it, don’t make your dog wear it. Have fun with your new family member.

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