Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Written by Mart Gil Abareta

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In addition, it is necessary to document everything that has happened to you because it will be of great help in proving your case if ever you’ll report it to a jury, company investigator, or government agency. Begin by gathering and keeping evidences such as disgusting notes, cards and photos you have received and taking note of some important dates. Also, keep a journal with complete information. Write downrepparttar names of allrepparttar 140230 involved people,repparttar 140231 time and place where it happened, and how it affected your performance onrepparttar 140232 job.

For your information, there exist state and federal laws protecting employees from sexual harassment while inrepparttar 140233 workplace. These laws are actuallyrepparttar 140234 same asrepparttar 140235 laws defending employees from sexual preference discrimination. Most states have their own laws on reasonable employment practices stopping sexual harassment that are often stricter thanrepparttar 140236 federal laws. Therefore, your personal records on your harassment experience are indeed very important when you consider taking legal actions against your harassing co-employee.

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Four Tips to Save You Money in a Divorce Case

Written by Scott Morgan

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3. Don’t Use Your Attorney to Negotiate a Division of Personal Items

Arguing about which party deservesrepparttar blue sofa orrepparttar 140107 bread maker is not a good use of attorney’s fees. As much as possible, you should try to resolve these issues with your spouse. Ideally, if you and your spouse have already separated, you could divide these items by agreement and exchange them beforerepparttar 140108 case has been completed.

Then, when it is time to finalizerepparttar 140109 divorcerepparttar 140110 term inrepparttar 140111 agreement and/or Final Decree,repparttar 140112 document would simply state that each party keeps all personal effects (furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, kitchen equipment, etc.) in that party’s possession. This can save a great deal in fees by avoiding debates over property that has very little market value.

4. Don’t Throw Away Dollars Trying to Save Nickels

This is extremely important. People will often be extremely frugal about hiring an attorney and think they are saving a lot of money by hiring a lawyer for a small flat fee, or hiring someone who is not very experienced but will work cheaply.

This is a mistake.

Your goal should be to reach a reasonable settlement as quickly as possible. In order to reach this goal you will need an effective lawyer who sincerely shares that objective with you. That lawyer will then use his experience and skills to help you reach that objective.

But notice that I said “reasonable” settlement, not just any settlement. Ifrepparttar 140113 other side cannot be convinced to settlerepparttar 140114 case on reasonable terms it is imperative that your lawyer be skillful and confident enough to effectively try your case.

Someone who is learning onrepparttar 140115 job, or is simply unprepared, can cost you a great deal of money. So don’t cheat yourself out of dollars in an attempt to save nickels.

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