Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Written by Maui Reyes

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When you have reported to your employer, he must be able to give you options on how to go about your case. Your company might have a policy for sexual harassment cases, and this must be made clear to you and your harasser (If you are an employer and do not have any sexual harassment policies at your company, establish one now. A zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy keeps you, your employees, and your company’s reputation safe.)

While you are no way required by law to meet with your harasser, it is best to settle withrepparttar harasser with a mediator (the mediator should often berepparttar 119169 boss). Make your employer talk to your harasser, and, if you do not intend to communicate with your harasser, make your employer report back to you.

Make sure to keep records of all contacts you’ve had not only with your harasser, but also with your employer. Records pertaining to your harasser (log inrepparttar 119170 date ofrepparttar 119171 harassment, place, and time) is important evidence thatrepparttar 119172 event happened. As forrepparttar 119173 records of your employer, if you feel that your boss is not taking your case seriously, you can also present evidence of why you think so.

If you believe your case deserves more attention, contact a lawyer. -30-

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The Importance of Having a Lawyer

Written by Paul Hood

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When your finances or liberty is onrepparttar line, you will need legal help. There are situations that arise which we do not expect or do not want. These can be trying times and for this a lawyer will providerepparttar 119168 answer. If you find yourself being charged of a crime or served with a summons or a subpoena, a legal advice from a lawyer is very important. Most likely you are inrepparttar 119169 dark with what to do. An attorney will guide you throughrepparttar 119170 entire legal maze and provide you ample protection.

Adopting a child, starting a new business or filing a divorce involves legal processes which you might not be versed with. Hiring an attorney will help you go through these steps well armed withrepparttar 119171 right legal knowledge.

There are different facets ofrepparttar 119172 law and different lawyers have specialization in each one of them. Your choice of your attorney will depend onrepparttar 119173 type of your legal situation.

Our world is filled with legal issues that we may or may not like. Understanding them may be hard but there are lawyers who are skilled for this type of task and you would well benefit from their assistance.

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