Sex toys for the playful beginner

Written by Miss Kensington

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Rope: Bondage is great fun and very playful. I recommend going for a silk rope version for beguinners. Silk basically means it wont chafe or damage delicate skin. a 5m rope you can also learn to make your own handcuffs and eye masks. Great Value!

Straps: This is one forrepparttar guys to enhancerepparttar 122038 doogy style position. When inrepparttar 122039 doggystyle position,repparttar 122040 strap is placed onrepparttar 122041 womans tummy givingrepparttar 122042 controller a grasp stap either side. It allows deeper penetration sincerepparttar 122043 controller usersrepparttar 122044 upperbody to pull towards rather than pushing.

Nipple Clamps: Designed to enahncerepparttar 122045 nipple sensation which is commonly a G-Spot for most women. Since we all dont have 6 pairs of hands and cannot be in many places atrepparttar 122046 same time, clamps are great for continual nipple tension. Cock rings are also available forrepparttar 122047 guys.

Other fun items are liquid latex, where you paint your partner into a latex film great fun and no restctions for sex.

Safe sex isrepparttar 122048 only kind of sex! Love Miss Kensington, Romance Stories to tickle your fancy - KinkyBlackBoots Lifts the lid on the love life of today's modern Girl!

Lighting the Way when Two Become One

Written by M J Plaster

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If you carry a hand-tied bouquet, incorporate a white taper intorepparttar bouquet, and carryrepparttar 122037 taper uprepparttar 122038 aisle. The groom can hold his taper until you reachrepparttar 122039 altar, when you each place your taper intorepparttar 122040 unity candleholder to accentuaterepparttar 122041 unity theme.

If your house of worship doesn't allow unity ceremonies, conductrepparttar 122042 ceremony atrepparttar 122043 reception right beforerepparttar 122044 toast.

Candles for Your Wedding Decor

Consider candles an integral part of your floral displays to add warmth to a sterile reception hall environment. Select your candles first, and then select flowers to complementrepparttar 122045 candles. If you maintainrepparttar 122046 candle asrepparttar 122047 focal point, you'll spend a lot less money on bridal flowers.

Place a single sculptured candle byrepparttar 122048 guest book, for example. Incorporate candles into your table displays atrepparttar 122049 reception. You can actually use candle displays in place of floral displays. Considerrepparttar 122050 idea of floating candle displays atrepparttar 122051 center of each table. They're low enough to allow conversation without talking through flowers.

You're not limited to white candles. Workrepparttar 122052 candles into your color scheme: silver and gold for holiday weddings. Nor do you have to limit yourself to unadorned candles. Ribbons add a nice accent to simple candles. Select elegant candles for a formal wedding and less formal sculpted, marbled, or otherwise embellished candles for less formal weddings.

Candles as Wedding Favors

Candles always make nice gifts, and you can capitalize on this by selecting a candle for your wedding favor. A small, beautifully wrapped candle makes a wedding favor that your guests will appreciate and display at home—something to remember your special day.

However you choose to add candles to your wedding, their warm flame will add torepparttar 122053 ambiance of an already glowing moment.

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