Sex, Drugs and 'Rock':

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Interestingly,repparttar people who sell ineffective drugs are generally said to have made "honest mistakes." If a street dealer sold you an ineffective drug, you could take five of your friends and go back and have a brisk conversation with him. If a behind-the-counter dealer sold you an ineffective drug, you'd have to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit and maybe, maybe, 10 years later you'd get some money, although probably you'd be dead by then.

Street dealers don't have patents on their drugs, which means that they'll always have plenty of competition. Drug companies do have patents, so they can set their prices without worrying about market economics. And when their patents run out, they can put out a drug with a slightly different formulation, promote it like mad and sellrepparttar 132270 new drug in a monopolistic setting {With government mandated market support in order to managerepparttar 132271 ‘money-trees’ while building bureaucracy.}. You have to wonder when street dealers are going to come up with Cocaine XR or LSD Reditabs.

Sincerepparttar 132272 street dealer works in a competitive atmosphere, he has to keep his prices relatively low. In order to increase his profitability, he can "step on" his product, that is, dilute it. It would be unwise for a drug company to adulterate its product, but since it owns a monopoly, it can set prices artificially high and achieverepparttar 132273 same profitability levels. A street dealer who knowingly poisons his clientele is called "the scum ofrepparttar 132274 earth." A drug corporation that knowingly poisons its clientele is called "a tobacco company." People who sell illegal drugs often rot in jail for 20 or 30 years. People who sell legal drugs are often forced to attend tedious daylong board meetings. People who take illegal drugs are called "losers." People who take legal drugs are called "everyone in America."

Glad I'm not an archaeologist in 4040; my brain would ache a whole lot.

One pill makes you larger, and one pill puts you in jail, and please do not operate heavy machinery withrepparttar 132275 ones that mother gives you. {My ex-roommate was being told to apply for his old job as a forklift truck operator while being given drugs for Schizophrenia which he did not have. He was no liar and could not expose a potential employer torepparttar 132276 insurance risks or his fellow employees torepparttar 132277 life threat this would entail. Many drugs people use are impairing their driving prowess and there are laws to take away their license that go unenforced.} Driving that train, high on ethyl 4-1-piperidinecarboxylate, just like Et andrepparttar 132278 ungreatful dead.”


It is a wonderful thing to haverepparttar 132279 Joy of Learning and to make a career that you find is related to your studies. There are so many ways to get a Doctor label and thus claim expertise inrepparttar 132280 many fields and disciplines which we have broken knowledge into. Some of this is counter to real expertise and much of it just sets people apart from knowledge and each other. But people are also being segmented into classes withinrepparttar 132281 hierarchy of government backed by and for elites in all so many ways. Medicine has been one of their more dastardly tools alongside religion andrepparttar 132282 so-called education system. This next little factoid reminds me of how Edward Gibbon almost died becauserepparttar 132283 British Medical system would not approve vaccinations through use of scabs as had been done byrepparttar 132284 likes of Paracelsus or others in antiquity and which was approved inrepparttar 132285 France of his era. Did Gibbon’s Jacobin Masons use this among their members sincerepparttar 132286 time of Moses Maimonides or earlier alchemists?

“Whenrepparttar 132287 Cholera epidemic reached England, it provided another opportunity to compare homeopathic treatment withrepparttar 132288 conventional methods ofrepparttar 132289 day. Regular allopathic medicine yielded a mortality rate of 59 percent compared to only 16 percent forrepparttar 132290 Homeopaths. (2) When these statistics were collected,repparttar 132291 information was so startling that a medical commission was sent torepparttar 132292 London Homeopathic Hospital to checkrepparttar 132293 records. Thoughrepparttar 132294 data were duly verified, it was decided not to make them public, andrepparttar 132295 facts were not released until a hundred years later.” (3)

The formation of a political machine such asrepparttar 132296 American Medical Association who helped bringrepparttar 132297 FDA into control is a major issue against alternative healing or real care for people. Inrepparttar 132298 late 19th Century as these issues were becoming apparent there were many who knew thatrepparttar 132299 allopaths or medical doctors selling laudanum andrepparttar 132300 like were actuallyrepparttar 132301 ‘Killing-trade’. There are signs that stress management (don’t fret – sweat or exercise) andrepparttar 132302 connectiveness torepparttar 132303 ‘all’ around us are again making a play to be considered in health maintenance. Vitamins and supplements are able to prove to evenrepparttar 132304 most duped person receiving medical care that they work and yet some doctor’s groups andrepparttar 132305 governments that back them still disqualify doctors who advise their usage.

The whole area of academics is subject to a ‘Knowledge Filter’ (Berkeley Law Professor – Johnson) or Literary Theory (UBC English Professor Graham Good) andrepparttar 132306 outright suppression of creative or thoughtful and meaningful potentials. (4) I thinkrepparttar 132307 concept of Bucky Fuller that he called 'the observer ofrepparttar 132308 observed' and his more detailed 'creative realization' is part of what we operates as we ‘project’ upon reality. For examplerepparttar 132309 things (!) we see are actually a mixture of fields of energy fromrepparttar 132310 dross and less excited torepparttar 132311 highly excited or vibrational energy insiderepparttar 132312 atomic structures. In one way of visualizing this we could SEE something including an aura which isrepparttar 132313 field of energy not usually visible but associated withrepparttar 132314 solar body and integrative centers called chakras. Perhaps we could contemplate a time when all people hadrepparttar 132315 ability to see or sense auras and yet by our socially normed 'projections' that include telling our children certain things do not exist, we have lostrepparttar 132316 conscious integration or incorporation of these fields of reality. guest expert Author of Diverse Druids Regular column in The ES Press Magazine

Alabama State Representative Revisits Nazi Tactics in Heartland America.

Written by Ryan Kelly

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Asrepparttar principles this great country were built upon continue to disappear, so willrepparttar 132267 rights and freedoms that they provided. The principle of separation of state and church has all but disappeared. What will self-serving politicians take from us next? Maybe they'll want to ban books on black history, or restrict your use ofrepparttar 132268 Internet. Are we going to allow that? Of course not!

It doesn't make sense to not be involved inrepparttar 132269 politics these days. The future of America hinges on your participation. Whether that is only a letter, an email, or an article in an ezine, you must speak out. As an elected official, I'm sure Rep Gerald Allen would love to hear your comments about his new bill. Here is his contact information. Interestingly enough, he doesn't provide an email address.

Gerald Allen (Rep.) District 62 State House: Room 531 11 S. Union Street Post Office Box 71001 Montgomery, AL 36130 Tuscaloosa, AL 35407 State House (334) 242-7758 Work Phone (205) 556-5310

Ryan Kelly is a writer and owner/editor of NoSidesMag , an ezine that envisions the elimination of a divided America. His current project is an anthology entitled Q&A New Voices . Currently available for reading online as it progresses, it will be published in hard copy upon completion.

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