Sewing As A Part Time Income

Written by Mary Wilkins

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My point is, don't get caught in this sort of situation. If you can't fill their requirements, don't takerepparttar job on. Not all customers realize what they are doing when they ask for something to be done. They don't realizerepparttar 116268 time it takes,repparttar 116269 work involved orrepparttar 116270 know how required to make a quality product on time. It is your job, asrepparttar 116271 seamstress, to explain this torepparttar 116272 potential customer. Your quality of work is what will set you apart from allrepparttar 116273 others. The impression you leave withrepparttar 116274 customer, good or bad, stays with them. Always remember that.

I could go on and on aboutrepparttar 116275 pitfalls of sewing for others, this is just a reminder to not underestimate yourself or to letrepparttar 116276 customer talk you into something you are not sure of. Remember, you are inrepparttar 116277 drivers seat.

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Choosing Project Wood

Written by Dave markel

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Both hardwood and softwood can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications but some are more resistant to UV and moisture then others. These arerepparttar ones that should be chosen when being used outside.

These particular species have natural oils and resins that fillrepparttar 116267 cells ofrepparttar 116268 wood and provide, in some cases, very good protection against rot and insects. Species like cedar for example last for decades in direct contact withrepparttar 116269 ground while spruce would be rotten in under 5 years.

Of course cedar is a softwood and is used a lot throughoutrepparttar 116270 furniture and house construction industry. However, some hardwoods also have very good resistance to rot and insects. Species like teak and mahogany are used a lot inrepparttar 116271 tropics for boat construction, but sincerepparttar 116272 cost of these exotic hardwood species is so much in North America we tend to use softwood inrepparttar 116273 outdoor applications.

Another important factor is whether or not you want you intend to use a clear finish or paint to protect your project. Cedar needs to be sealed to prevent oils from leaching throughrepparttar 116274 paint. Some species of hardwood like poplar and birch are great for accepting paint but have a tendency to blotch when stain is applied.

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