Seven Valentine’s Day Tips for Spouses in “Less-Than-Perfect” Marriages

Written by Nancy J. Wasson, Ph.D.

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5. Practice having fun, even when you’re feeling miserable! Don’t wait until your life is perfect to plan fun activities. Do something that you’ve wanted to do but have put off. You might have said to yourself, “One day I’m going to take piano lessons.” Now isrepparttar time to get started. Make a list of things that you’d enjoy doing and pick one to put on your schedule. One ofrepparttar 122039 biggest mistakes you can make is to wait and see what happens in your marriage before you take steps to create a more satisfying life. The time to start enjoying life is now.

6. Expand your support circle. Stay in touch with your friends, even though your first impulse may be to withdraw when you’re feeling blue. Look for ways to increase your contact with others such as taking a night class, going hiking with a local hiking group, or attending services at your church, synagogue, or mosque. Don’t let fear of questions keep you at home. You can be discrete and give a response such as, “I can’t get into it, but I appreciate your caring and concern so very much. Thank you.”

7. Find your strong woman or strong man warrior energy. Go rappelling, learn to scuba dive, ride in a hot air balloon, try para-sailing, plan a backpacking trip, go horseback riding, lift weights, explore river rafting, dance around a campfire, sing powerful songs, or sign up for a martial arts class. Do whatever empowers you and make you feel strong and energetic. Stretch out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself by doing something different. Then congratulate yourself for your spunk.

Tips adapted fromrepparttar 122040 book Keep Your Marriage: What To Do When Your Spouse Says “I don’t love you anymore!” by Nancy J. Wasson, Ph.D. and Lee Hefner. Available only at

Nancy J. Wasson, Ph.D., is co-author of Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says "I don't love you anymore!" Available only at http://www.Keep Your Nancy can be contacted at

Sex toys for the playful beginner

Written by Miss Kensington

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Rope: Bondage is great fun and very playful. I recommend going for a silk rope version for beguinners. Silk basically means it wont chafe or damage delicate skin. a 5m rope you can also learn to make your own handcuffs and eye masks. Great Value!

Straps: This is one forrepparttar guys to enhancerepparttar 122038 doogy style position. When inrepparttar 122039 doggystyle position,repparttar 122040 strap is placed onrepparttar 122041 womans tummy givingrepparttar 122042 controller a grasp stap either side. It allows deeper penetration sincerepparttar 122043 controller usersrepparttar 122044 upperbody to pull towards rather than pushing.

Nipple Clamps: Designed to enahncerepparttar 122045 nipple sensation which is commonly a G-Spot for most women. Since we all dont have 6 pairs of hands and cannot be in many places atrepparttar 122046 same time, clamps are great for continual nipple tension. Cock rings are also available forrepparttar 122047 guys.

Other fun items are liquid latex, where you paint your partner into a latex film great fun and no restctions for sex.

Safe sex isrepparttar 122048 only kind of sex! Love Miss Kensington, Romance Stories to tickle your fancy - KinkyBlackBoots Lifts the lid on the love life of today's modern Girl!

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