Seven Top Ways to Promote your Ezine

Written by Judy Cullins

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Placement is also important. Forrepparttar best response and more subscribers, place your subscribe box onrepparttar 124299 top half of your homepage. Rememberrepparttar 124300 old adage; "Make it easy for your customer to buy."

Four. Promote your eMag through your signature. Create a promotional signature in three to six lines, and add it torepparttar 124301 end of each email you send out. Here, you would list your book title, benefits of your service, your FREE eMag title, followed by your email or web site address.

Five. Promote your eMag in newsgroups, discussion lists and forums. Target those related to your business or book category. For instance, Sandra Schrift of Speakers University aims her newsletter primarily at emerging and professional speakers. Her secondary audience is coaches. Anne Wayman, San Diego Web designer and editor, and author of Powerfully Recovered, belongs to several related newsgroups.

Six. Offer your subscribers a free GIFT SUBSCRIPTION to send to their friends. You can use another autoresponder to send repparttar 124302 gift, plus whom it's from, and a little blurb about what they will be receiving. Always include a way for subscribers to unsubscribe.

Seven. Send out press releases via email about your eMag. Press releases by email are different from print ones. They must be short! They must be newsworthy! We at Skills Unlimited Publishing send out over 150 different print releases a year, and are just beginningrepparttar 124303 great adventure online. You may not be able to include a story, but you can use a short analogy, and put your benefit inrepparttar 124304 headline. Always be sure to make your message clear.

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Creating Your First HTML Ezine

Written by Maria Marsala

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For businesses,repparttar plusses of using HTML ezines are:

~~ many business owners, who userepparttar 124298 internet, and maybe your ideal client have HTML email capacity. ~~ even AOL 6.0 includedrepparttar 124299 use of HTML mail for their users. ~~ readers are more apt to read your ezine because they look "inviting" and "fun" ~~ readers are more apt to tap onrepparttar 124300 links, too.

Steps To Create Your HTML Ezine #1

1. Create a web page as you usually would and insert your newsletter.

2. Go intorepparttar 124301 source of your webpage (the HTML code) and make sure that allrepparttar 124302 links are authentic links. These are complete links and look like this but withoutrepparttar 124303 "." inrepparttar 124304 code:

<.a href="" rel="nofollow" width="100" height="100" alt="Picture">

instead of?

<.a href="images/mariamarsala2.jpg" rel="nofollow" width="100" height="100" alt="Picture">

3. Upload your newsletter webpage to your website.

4. Next, open your email program and make sure thatrepparttar 124305 format is set to "HTML" (not as text).

5. Open an email. Putrepparttar 124306 cursor inrepparttar 124307 message and tap down a few lines.

6. Go back torepparttar 124308 top ofrepparttar 124309 message again and type in a message for individuals who have requested your newsletter, but perhaps cannot read HTML newsletters. The message I use (withoutrepparttar 124310 "." inrepparttar 124311 code) is...

If you cannot seerepparttar 124312 colors or picture on this email, you can read this newsletter here: <.a href ="">

7. Then go back to your newsletter page on your website. ~~ "Select all" onrepparttar 124313 page or tap onrepparttar 124314 control (CTRL) then (A) buttons on your keyboard. ~~ "Select copy" onrepparttar 124315 page or tap onrepparttar 124316 control (CTRL) then (C) buttons on your keyboard

8. Go back to your email, a few lines after step #6 where you will "paste" - (CTRL) then (V) your webpage into your email program.

9. Then send yourself a copy to see how it looks. If pictures are missing... it's becauserepparttar 124317 links are not complete links (Step 2)

Steps To Create Your HTML Ezine #2

If your email program allows you to create your own stationary, like Outlook does, tap on help and use your index to learn how to "create stationary". You'll learn to create a stationary template for your ezine. Then each time you want to create your ezine, you pull up this special stationary.

A Few Free Template Resources 4 U

Web Site Kits and Templates from Canada >From Jim's World >Fromrepparttar 124318 UK

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