Seven Sure Fire Ways to Scare Your Customers Away

Written by Daniel Barnett

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If it is important that your visitor knows thatrepparttar information is completely up to date, then ask your developer to use some JavaScript code to automatically write inrepparttar 132076 current date every timerepparttar 132077 page is loaded.

5) Still Under Construction. There is no need to put an "under construction" sign. Every single web site out there is under construction. You are also sendingrepparttar 132078 visitorrepparttar 132079 impression that you are not ready for their sale yet…this is very muchrepparttar 132080 wrong signal to send.

6) You Are Visitor Number 123. Hit counters on your page are unprofessional. You don't want anyone knowing they are onlyrepparttar 132081 123rd person visiting that page. It makes you look small and unpopular, again not a good signal to send out.

7) Multi Award Winning Site? Forget about small unknown web site awards. There are soooo many on offer now that it is meaningless…who cares! If it is a well known, prestigious award, or if it matters to your target audience, then go for it. Otherwise don't wasterepparttar 132082 bandwidth sticking some logo up there.

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Written by Miles J. Nixon

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Monitoring services can't assure you that your site will be financially successful, but they will help you maximizerepparttar quality, which is vital to any successful web site and web strategy.

Listed below is a checklist of things to consider when selecting and purchasing online monitoring services.

1.How isrepparttar 132075 service provider connected torepparttar 132076 Internet? 2.How reliable isrepparttar 132077 monitoring services? Is it truly 24 x 7? 3.Is this their core business or is it an add-on to other web based services? 4.Call or email their customer service and see how quickly they respond. 5.Doesrepparttar 132078 service monitor overall performance or just up/down? 6.Doesrepparttar 132079 service reliably identify most site problems? How do you know? 7.Arerepparttar 132080 alerts and reports accurate and timely? 8.Doesrepparttar 132081 service provide enough real information to debugrepparttar 132082 site problem? 9.Can you afford to subscribe to an online monitoring system? Can you afford not to?

This article was written by Miles J. Nixon, CEO of Quicksand Development LLC, developers of @watch (

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