Seven Steps to eBay Selling Success

Written by Heather Wallace

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4. State all of your requirements upfront. Tell potential bidders how much you intend to charge for shipping, to which countries you are willing to ship, if you will accept returns, or anything else that you might wish to specify. You really can't make things up as you go along. You have to get all requirements out there atrepparttar beginning.

5. If a potential buyer contacts you with a question then be sure to promptly respond. If you wait you may lose a much needed bidder. Also, be sure to be polite in your response as no question is too stupid to warrant anything other than but a courteous reply. Even if that person doesn't bid on your item they will certainly remember your pleasant attitude and that could mean a future sale.

6. The majority of buyers on eBay prefer to pay for their purchase via PayPal. That is why it is vital for you to accept this method of payment. It is also beneficial to you as it eliminatesrepparttar 149981 potential for bad checks or money orders.

7. Afterrepparttar 149982 sale most winning bidders will expectrepparttar 149983 seller to beginrepparttar 149984 completion ofrepparttar 149985 transaction. Send an email, an invoice, alertrepparttar 149986 buyer whenrepparttar 149987 item has shipped, and be sure to leave feedback

afterrepparttar 149988 transaction.

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Discover the Advantages and Pitfalls of Drop Shipping

Written by Melanie Burns

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•You will get a price break from a drop shipper, but it is often not as low as you could get from other avenues. Be careful to make sure that you have a product that is quality andrepparttar price point for you is one that will ensure a profit for you if sold. This is especially important if you will be selling via auctions. Auctions tend to sell new products for 25-30%below retail. If your price is not good enough, you could loose money on an auction. •Make sure thatrepparttar 149966 drop shipper gives you a good shipping and handling fee. They have lots of shipping and get a very good price on it themselves. If shipping and handling is high, something is wrong. •Don’t pay a ‘fee’ to do business with anyone. You are giving them business by buying product from them. If they want more money for you havingrepparttar 149967 privilege of doing business with them, you know this is not a company that you want to even consider. •Find out howrepparttar 149968 drop shipper handles problems. If you have a customer return, how will they handle it. What kind of support will they give you. •Get references forrepparttar 149969 drop shipper. How long have they been in business and what is their financial standing? Checkrepparttar 149970 Better Business Bureau. Google their company name to see if there are any complaints or problems you might need to know about before makingrepparttar 149971 decision to do business with them. If you are ready to makerepparttar 149972 drop shipping model your own, jump right in. Take these points into consideration, but don’t let anything stop you. Be as informed as you can though, continue to learn and find out all you can about those you do business with. The road to success is not always a smooth one, but if you can avoidrepparttar 149973 pot holes, it makesrepparttar 149974 ride much more enjoyable.

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