Seven Steps to Better Online Community

Written by Brian Moore

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Respond to your prospects as they write in. Answer each email or send a thank you for each survey responded to with a personal email of your own. Personalize any and all outgoing communication. You may even add a personal touch to auto responder messages. Let your customers know you are there to help. If your product isrepparttar solution to their desire, all'srepparttar 117846 better. But if you need to refer them elsewhere, don't be afraid to find where to send them and do so. Your reputation as an honest, sincere businessperson will grow as a result.

When you make sales, be sure and thank your customer personally for their purchase. Here's a great opportunity to make "back-end" sales. Offer them coupons or special prices on your other products. Ask for questions or concerns and a testimonial from your customer. They will no doubt tell others about you and your high level of trust.

These are just a few steps onrepparttar 117847 pathway to online community and trust. As your knowledge and skills improve, no doubt you will learn more about this topic. But do look for ways to foster trust in your prospects and customers. In so doing relationships with them develop that will improve your online efforts over and over.

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Can You Really Make an Honest Living on the Net?

Written by Pamela Geiss

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That's what it's all about. That's what YOU need to do to be successful. You need to be able to make YOUR customers number ONE. You need to treat themrepparttar way you would want them to treat you if you wererepparttar 117845 customer. You need to answer their emails. You need to be available to them. They need to know that they are dealing with an honest person who will be there for them to answer their questions and help them. If you aren't willing to do this, you shouldn't be in business.

Byrepparttar 117846 way, in case you are wondering, it took my Dad a good 2 years to build his business into a profit-making one. Because ofrepparttar 117847 size ofrepparttar 117848 Internet, I built LotsaPerks into a profit-making business in 9 months. But allrepparttar 117849 truths that made my Dad's business work still hold true onrepparttar 117850 Internet. It's all about repeat customers. Repeat customers are satisfied customers. They will recommend your business to their friends and business acquaintances. I have many repeat customers, because they know I will stand with them and help them as much as is possible. They know I will give them at least as much as they order. They also know they can depend on me to follow through for them.

It IS possible to make a honest living onrepparttar 117851 Internet. Now that you know that, you can do it too!

Pamela Geiss is the owner of the successful LotsaPerks Advertising Agency. Her specialty is targeted traffic. She also writes a free and a paid ezine. Visit her today at

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