Seven Steps To Total Concentration

Written by B. K. Narayan,

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Your brain goes to search mode whenever it hears a question and it is hooked torepparttar topic! They fire another question byrepparttar 140156 time your brain finishesrepparttar 140157 search and is ready to jump to some unrelated thought.

You may have proof to this with you! For example, you're talking with some friends. Questions and answers are flying from one brain to another. A friend asks a question to another. But your brain jumps to answer even though you've not been asked that question!

Take another example, reading a story. Why we read stories with such total concentration? Because a good story raises many direct or indirect questions in your brain. And your brain wants to find answers to all those questions. Till your brain finds answers to all those questions, it even postpones reminding you to take food!

Remember, you've many times told your mother, "I'll eat later, I'm not hungry!" Why? Because you can't put down that book till you find what happened to that hero or heroine!

You can use this property of your brain to concentrate while studying or hearing lectures. How? Just keep asking questions, mentally, like, ‘what' ‘why' ‘where' ‘how' onrepparttar 140158 statements or facts or characters expressed byrepparttar 140159 teacher or lecturer orrepparttar 140160 author. When you engage your brain with these questions you keep your brain engaged onrepparttar 140161 topic. It doesn't get time to jump to another topic.

Incidentally this isrepparttar 140162 easiest, fastest and most effective way for students to concentrate 100 percent in classroom or while self-study. By using this method students learn more onrepparttar 140163 topic being taught or read.

STEP #6: Work when you work, and play when you play!

It isrepparttar 140164 age old advice. Valid for ever. When you follow a time schedule for all your activities it becomes easy to concentrate. When you watch TV don't think of studies. It is bad habit! Just enjoyrepparttar 140165 program. When you eat concentrate fully on food, its taste, aroma, its value for your body and so on. This discipline helps you to concentrate fully whenever you want.

STEP #7: Mix these three ingredients to make total concentration effortless:

Here are those three ingredients: 1. Knowing what you really want in life 2. Having strong intention to getrepparttar 140166 thing you want 3. Repeatedly paying attention to allrepparttar 140167 tasks that takes you near to your goal.

Now relaterepparttar 140168 task at hand to your goal. You'll be able to concentrate fully with minimum wandering of your thoughts. Ifrepparttar 140169 task can not be related to your goal, think whether it can be avoided. If it can't be avoided treat it as a social service and decide to do it with allrepparttar 140170 love you can generate. Above steps help you to some extent to concentrate fully. You can improve your ability to concentrate 100 percent, naturally and make it your habit by learning more about your brain.

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Your #1 Path to Hidden Power

Written by Coco Fossland

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Now, look more closely at that fear. Let's say underneathrepparttar feeling of regret, you discover "the fear that someone will be mad at me." So look inside that fear, and ask, "What isrepparttar 140019 fear beneath that?" Just imagine, if it were true that someone were mad at you, what would berepparttar 140020 fear in that? Maybe you would find, "the fear that someone won't like me."

Again, look beneath that fear -- to seerepparttar 140021 fear beneathrepparttar 140022 fear. Keep digging until you find something that strikes a deep chord within you. For example, you might findrepparttar 140023 deeper fear of someone getting mad at you and not liking you isrepparttar 140024 "fear of being unlovable."

5. Once you find it, repeat it to yourself and give yourself permission to move into that fear.

6. Claimrepparttar 140025 gifts and wisdom ofrepparttar 140026 fear. Just ask yourselfrepparttar 140027 following questions to mine outrepparttar 140028 gold (insert your own fear intorepparttar 140029 quotations below):

* What does "being unlovable" excuse you to do? * How has "being unlovable" served me? * What is this situation trying to teach me? * What lesson am I meant to abstract from this? * How is this situation meant to show me how to better love, trust, and care for myself? * What is it I really want in this moment? * What am I longing for in this moment? * How could you give yourself what you want and long for? * In what way am I draining my power and energy in this situation? What would I need to do to call my energy back? * What power and gifts are available to me as a result of this situation and fear?

7. Send gratitude torepparttar 140030 fear, torepparttar 140031 feeling, and torepparttar 140032 situation for beingrepparttar 140033 catalyst of new discovery and healing

8. Reframe and empowerrepparttar 140034 situation Is there any other way you could look at this situation now? Find a way to reframerepparttar 140035 situation so you no longer feel powerless, but rather you feel powerful -- you have options, choices, and possibility rather than doom, gloom and hopelessness.

9. Take new action. Take an action aligned withrepparttar 140036 power you've discovered. Give yourself whatrepparttar 140037 fear revealed you were longing for.

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