Seven Secrets to Being the Leader Everyone Wants to Work For

Written by Ed Sykes

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4. Find Common Ground Some managers don’t understand they are inrepparttar people business and lackrepparttar 142224 patience to work and develop their team members. I even had supervisor during a coaching and mentoring workshop makerepparttar 142225 following statement to me at break:

“If I knew I had to communicate with my team I would have never takenrepparttar 142226 job.”

What did this person think? True leaders understand that their employees’ success is their success. They comprehend during this journey that some employees will need assistance, coachings, motivation, feedback, and discipline. Good leaders will work to find common ground with each staff member so that everyone wins. Perfect leaders will understand that some employees will need consistent managing, and others will need less managing; some employees need refocusing, while others will be very focused, etc. Perfect leaders recognizerepparttar 142227 need to find common ground with each person.

5. Take others to a new level Perfect managers are concerned with their staff’s professional advancement and do everything possible to help staff members develop their capabilities. These leaders “seerepparttar 142228 employees for what they can become, not what they are now.” The leaders’ actions might range from improving specific aspects of job performance, to delegating special assignments, to developing an action plan for promotions. Perfect leaders must haverepparttar 142229 ability to assessrepparttar 142230 strengths and weaknesses of employees and use that to coach for continuous improvement.

Ideallyrepparttar 142231 basis for improvement combinesrepparttar 142232 best interest ofrepparttar 142233 organization andrepparttar 142234 employee. Many times I am brought into organizations to assist them with this need:

“I have managers retiring, and we have no one to replace them.”

These organizations have created a “talent black hole,” because they didn’t implement a plan to “help others improve” and be ready to step up to when needed. Remember, you can always replace a chair, a desk, a computer. But you can’t always replace a talented employee if you don’t have a plan in place to develop others to take their place whenrepparttar 142235 time comes.

6. Believe in your staff Recently, I was presentingrepparttar 142236 concerns of an employee workshop to management of an organization at their staff meeting. One manager looked atrepparttar 142237 report and questioned me as to whetherrepparttar 142238 employees really mentionedrepparttar 142239 items inrepparttar 142240 report. I assuredrepparttar 142241 managerrepparttar 142242 employees did. To thatrepparttar 142243 manager answered inrepparttar 142244 meeting, “This must mean we have smart employees.” Little did this manager realize that he had a negative attitude toward his employees. Through his subconscious mind, he is showing his employees, through words and actions, that he doesn’t believe in his staff.

Perfect leaders believe inrepparttar 142245 best qualities of their employees. They believe their employees are smart enough to handle tasks and find solutions to challenges if givenrepparttar 142246 correct guidance and opportunity.

This comes with earned trust from past performances andrepparttar 142247 investment byrepparttar 142248 leaders to ongoing shared coachings and feedback to giverepparttar 142249 employeesrepparttar 142250 experience and skills to succeed inrepparttar 142251 future.

7. Integrity is best It is important that employees feel they can trustrepparttar 142252 managers’ words and actions. This means honesty, fairness, and consistency when interacting with employees. If employees share in private a confidential sensitive subject with their mangers inrepparttar 142253 morning, this must not be known throughoutrepparttar 142254 organization that afternoon. Or ifrepparttar 142255 managers promise to give employees an answer byrepparttar 142256 end ofrepparttar 142257 day and never get back torepparttar 142258 employees,repparttar 142259 managers’ integrity is destroyed.

The best leaders realize their word is their bond and that actions speak louder than words. Perfect leaders work at being honest, open, and reliable everyday.

Takerepparttar 142260 time starting today to apply these seven secrets; and you, too, can be a “perfect” leader.

Ed Sykes is a professional speaker, author, and leading expert in the areas of leadership, motivation, stress management, customer service, and team building. You can e-mail him at, or call him at (757) 427-7032. Goto his web site,, and signup for the newsletter, OnPoint, and receive the free ebook, "Empowerment and Stress Secrets for the Busy Professional."

Success -- There Are No Secrets

Written by Ginny Dye

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3 -- Complaining is a waste of time and energy. Complaining gets you nowhere. Don’t sell yourself short by complaining and believing that life can’t be exciting and rewarding for you. Turn repparttar table on yourself – believe your dreams will come true. Complaining derails your success.

4 -- If you believe something, it becomes true for you. I didn't say it was true. I said it was true for you because you have decided to believe it. The opposite is equally true. If you choose to believe in your ability to excel, to succeed, to make your dreams come true – then you will. Your decision to believe it makes it TRUE FOR YOU!

Today Is YOUR Day! Today isrepparttar 142063 day you can decide to change your life. Changerepparttar 142064 way you think about things. Decide to believe your life is going to be an exciting adventure. Decide to believe you will be a success. Decide to believe today is going to be better than yesterday. Decide and it will be TRUE FOR YOU!

There are no secrets to success. Why? Because they are available to everyone. You have to WANT to know them. You have to LOOK for them. You have to DO something with them once you know them. By applyingrepparttar 142065 four truths I’ve shared with you today, your life will change dramatically and success will be within your grasp.

Ginny Dye is the CEO and founder of several companies, a published author, owns her own publishing company, has 20 years in sales and marketing management, has designed internet marketing systems and developed corporate training materials. But her greatest passion is helping others reach their dreams. Experience her passion at and accept complimentary E-cards, E-books, Movies, and her Daily Secrets For Success.

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