Seven Marketing Questions You should ask before you get a 10 Year Old to build Your Website

Written by Greg Chapman

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To get visitors to stay, you need to give them information that they want. This will not be information about you (at least not onrepparttar home page). Your goal should be to educate your visitor. Give them information they will not get elsewhere on how to solverepparttar 145282 problem that caused them to search for you inrepparttar 145283 first place. If you website is just sales hype, your visitors will be gone in a lot less than 68 seconds.

4. What do you want visitors to do once they are at your site? Many would say- “Buy lots of stuff from me.” Well, in your dreams! Most people will not buy from you, or call you onrepparttar 145284 first visit to your site. They don’t know you (unless an offline relationship has been established). And unless you are selling a commodity, that isrepparttar 145285 same on every site- eg CD’s, and you are competing on price, you need to be able to establish a relationship. To do this, you need to give visitors a reason to give you a way to stay in contact. This could be by way of a newsletter, or through a free download of information requiring their email details. When you do this, it is essential you provide an unsubscribe option, because otherwise you will be spamming. And there are no rich spammers (although I believe there are rich people selling spam technology).

5. How are you going to get people to come back to your site? On average, four out of five website visitors will never come to a website. And if they only stay 68 seconds, it’s going to take you several lifetimes to become an internet millionaire. To get people to come back you need to do several things: •Have sufficient quantity and quality of content, thatrepparttar 145286 visitor will bookmark your site to come back for more •Continually add to and changerepparttar 145287 content to make visitors want to come back •Provide special offers to your subscribers that will encourage them to revisit your website

If your website never changes, why would anyone want to come back?

6. How are you monitoring going to monitorrepparttar 145288 results of your website? No-one can guarantee what is going to work for you. Therefore you have to measure your statistics. A good webhost will provide you with a statistics package that will tell you how many visitors you have had, when they visited, how they found you and what they did at your site. When you make an offer, make a change to your site, or undertake some marketing campaign, whether online or offline, checkrepparttar 145289 response on your statistics, andrepparttar 145290 conversions that you have achieved on your site. Do controlled experiments. Don’t change too many things at one time, because you will never know what causedrepparttar 145291 change. Find out what works, and what doesn’t. And when you find a good thing, stick to it!

7. Are you really going to trust your 10 year old nephew to do all this? You may not be using your 10 year old nephew, you may be using a graphics design company instead. But don’t confuse determining your website business model and marketing strategy withrepparttar 145292 colour and movement of your website graphics. As a general rule of thumb,repparttar 145293 flashierrepparttar 145294 website,repparttar 145295 worse it is commercially. (Check out eBay and Amazon- how flashy are their sites? But is there a clear business strategy?) You will need someone to dorepparttar 145296 html programming, but almost certainly, someone who is good at that will not be good at everything else. A website is just another marketing tool. Like a brochure. Would you get your printer to write your advertising copy?

I don’t suggest that you should not use a great website design company (or even your precocious nephew) to build your website, but don’t let them be in charge of your marketing!

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Written by Judy Thompson

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The biggest drawback to a matrix plan and “spillover” is that often it attractsrepparttar lazy type of person who doesn’t want to work. So, you have a bunch of people joining just looking for their “spillover.”

Whilerepparttar 145281 matrix compensation plan is used by only about 9% of MLM companies, it generally is very attractive to people who can just work their MLM business on a part-time basis. The low monthly volume usually required helps it to be a workable plan for both part-timers andrepparttar 145282 non-sales types. Thus, in spite of some disadvantages torepparttar 145283 matrix, people who are willing to do some work are likely to find that success is truly within their reach!

Judy Thompson, a former teacher and business owner, is an experienced network marketer. She promotes a nutrition company that has an automated support system. For details, go to:

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