Setting up an IRC+cPanel box with freeBSD

Written by Scott Mcintyre

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Now we know account creation works, we can go on with setting uprepparttar server.

Well what I done was first configure SSHD. Please remember this is just how to setuprepparttar 145165 server as a basic server on freeBSD,

to really secure it you should read a freeBSD security guide.

Since im more of a pico guy, dont ask I have to install that first.


Lets install it with

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cd /usr/ports/editors/pico && make && make install --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

even when i typed pico i got command not found so you have to type rehash

anyway lets continue, edit sshd config and addrepparttar 145166 following

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pico /etc/ssh/sshd_config Port 22 Protocol 2 SyslogFacility AUTH LogLevel INFO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Of course that is not all, but you getrepparttar 145167 idea, disable direct root login, forwarding, and so on.

Now its time to install oidentd, this is to use an ident on irc servers.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mkdir /root/scott cd /root/scott wget

target="_blank"> tar -zxvf oidentd-2.0.7.tar.gz rm -rf oidentd-2.0.7.tar.gz cd oidentd-2.0.7 ./configure make make install --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now create a user for oidentd and disable shell access.


then go threwrepparttar 145168 settings.

for shell make sure you set nologin

Shell (sh csh tcsh bash bash jailshell noshell ftpsh nologin) [sh]: nologin

Make sure you set a secure password, ie zUaxe^xXalvYtBPlTo]ZP]iayFIsq


Now createrepparttar 145169 config

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------pico /etc/oidentd.conf--------------------------------------------------------------------------------


and put

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Configuration for oidentd # see oidentd.conf(5) # default { default { allow spoof allow spoof_all allow spoof_privport allow random allow random_numeric allow numeric allow hide } } --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

in it.

Now just start oidentd, please note you will have to changerepparttar 145170 config to sure yourself, such as spoofing.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /usr/local/sbin/oidentd -u oidentd -g oidentd --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oidentd should now be installed. All you have to do now is add users and set what shell access they have. I personally set

bash for each but I set permissions so they cannot access things they should not.


chmod -R 770 /home/*

Then set permissions on binaries, and so on. Personally, I made a quick wget script, so maybe you can impliment it too.

First lets moverepparttar 145171 old binary to a random name, i choose ekigrowbwo

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------cd /usr/local/bin mv wget ekigrowbwo pico /usr/local/bin/wget --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

and put this in it.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash ME=`whoami` TIME=`date` DIR=`pwd` echo "$TIME - $ME - $1 - >> $DIR" >> /usr/local/bin/wget.log /usr/local/bin/ekigrowbwo $1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

you better createrepparttar 145172 wget.log

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- touch /usr/local/bin/wget.log --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It will then log inrepparttar 145173 format,

time - user - what they downloaded - >> where it was saved.

Just repeat that process for fetch and so on, so it logs them all.

Well that is pretty muchrepparttar 145174 server setup. This isn't really a main guide, it shows you how to setup cpanel on freebsd,

setup a basic irc server, although you still have a bit to do. It should get you on your way though.



I had problems with mysql, mainlyrepparttar 145175 mysql server, I fixed this by using.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql40-server && make && make install /scripts/fixmysql --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Any other bugs feel free to reply, I will post as I find them. other than that, so far cPanel seems to be working well, even

though I dont recommend using it for an irc server. - cPanel Tutorials , security guides, webhosting made easy. Latest WebHosting News, webhosting forums.

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