Setting Up Your Display Case

Written by Antigone Arthur

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Remember that less is more when it comes to a display. Often a single object looks wonderful when on display all by itself. Keep in mind if you are setting up a commercial display, like a commercial pet display case, you may use a different tactic for setting up your valuables. In this case you want to load your display with as much information about any items you are selling. You also want to make sure that your display case is kept need and orderly at all times. The better your display looks,repparttar more customers you are likely to attract.

Keeping Your Display Case In Top Shape Year After Year

Many people mistakenly believe they can set up their display case once and then leave it. As with anything however, your display case will need monthly and annual upkeep. The most important thing you can do to protect your valuables is keep you display clean and free from debris. Remember dust loves to collect on anything that sits for a long period of time. Be sure to clean not justrepparttar 147649 surface of your display and outer corners, but alsorepparttar 147650 inner nooks and crannies.

If you plan to display antiques or other prized collectibles, you may have to take great care to ensure you don't damage any items while cleaning. Check with a seasoned professional about cleaning any antiques before doing so. You want your display to look good, but you definitely also want your collectibles in top shape.

Be weary of fingerprints. More likely than not most ofrepparttar 147651 time you will be cleaning fingerprints off your display case. This is especiallyrepparttar 147652 case if you own a commercial display case.

Last but not least, consider rotatingrepparttar 147653 items in your display case every now and again. If you have several items you want to display you can always change them out, keeping your display looking fresh. Alternatively you can add some accent items every now and again to help keep your display fresh. These may include silk or real flowers or other items of décor.

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Antiques From Europe...Is It Really The "Goose That Layed the Golden Egg?"

Written by Michael Temple

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There are various companies that ship antiques from Europe, and you can find their sites all overrepparttar Internet. I have however come to realize that not all of these companies are equal! Some of them are very condescending, while others try to speak torepparttar 147560 “common folk” while doing business. None of this has a bearing on your bottom line!

There are a few things that you should look for when searching for an antique shipping company. I’ll list them for you.

1.Per item price. Knowing your market is so vitally important to understanding whether or not you be profitable. Keep in mind that what is quoted fromrepparttar 147561 company is never whatrepparttar 147562 item actually costs. After you have paid ship transportation, duties, documentation fees, and trucking to your facility,repparttar 147563 price per item goes up.

2.Reputation in your country. Whenrepparttar 147564 company is thousands of miles away, many of them will often tell you what you want to hear. Make sure that you have testimonials from people who have done business with them in your country! Call these people, talk with them about their experience, and tap their brains for more information aboutrepparttar 147565 company. Good shipping companies will always be willing to give you references from people that are satisfied with their services.

3.Company attitude. Keep in mind that you are offering to do business with them. Some antique shipping companies often come across as condescending and snobbish. Do not be afraid to ask questions, (even if they seem like stupid questions.) If they come across as rude or “snooty”, you may want to consider whether or not you wish to have a buying relationship with them.

If shipping antiques from another country seems like something that you would like to explore do your homework! It can be a lucrative move, but it can also empty your account quickly if you don’t know what you are doing.

Michael Temple is a retired auctioneer and author of the e-book "Buying Fresh Antiques - 16 Ways to Increase Your Opportunities No Matter Where You Live." His web site Antique Power Dealer is popular among antique dealers and enthusiasts. Antique Power Dealer

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