Setting Up An Internet Connection

Written by Robb Kimmer

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Now you have a working modem/TA you are ready to configurerepparttar connection to your ISP.

Connecting up:

First, make sure that there is no other application running on your computer. Checkrepparttar 107758 Task bar. If you see another application, right click it and Close.

You will need to have your ISP dial-up number, account username and password to hand. If you donít know what these are, just telephonerepparttar 107759 ISP and they will give you this information. If they say something about not needing it because their CDROM does it all for you automatically, tell them that you want it anyway. Donít get into a discussion aboutrepparttar 107760 configuration ofrepparttar 107761 Internet connection. They wonít understand what you are talking about. Just palm them off with some guff and getrepparttar 107762 information you want. After all, you only need them to give you access torepparttar 107763 Internet/WWW, after that, you donít need them at all. Your ISP is a simple Ďgatewayí torepparttar 107764 Internet, thatís all. They have little else, other than advertising, to offer.

Now we have allrepparttar 107765 information, grab a quick coffee and then get settled to dorepparttar 107766 business! Lockrepparttar 107767 door and ignore all requests for access other than those from angels bearing drinks and snacks. Priorities dear reader, priorities.

With all things Ďcomputerí there is always a dozen different ways and routes to achieverepparttar 107768 same result. I am going to set out just one way of doingrepparttar 107769 job. There are others, but I am going to show yourepparttar 107770 easiest and most practical method.

Right click onrepparttar 107771 Desktop icon named Network Neighbourhood or My Network Places. Choose Properties and you will seerepparttar 107772 Create New Connection icon orrepparttar 107773 New Connection icon. Double click it and a connection Wizard will start.

Now that you haverepparttar 107774 Wizard onrepparttar 107775 screen, choose Connect To The Internet. This will lead on to a dialog box that will ask you if you want to Choose From A List Of Service Providers, Use The CD I Got From An ISP or Set Up My Connection Manually. Choose Manually. Next you will be probably be asked which kind of connection you have. Choose to connect using a Modem. This will also berepparttar 107776 choice for your ISDN terminal Adapter (TA). You will then be asked which modem you want to use (if you have more than one connected to your computer). You will probably only have one, so select that one. You will be asked to typerepparttar 107777 name of your ISP orrepparttar 107778 name of this connection. Itísrepparttar 107779 same thing. So type something that you will recognise when you want to make a connection. Now you will have to type inrepparttar 107780 telephone number that your ISP gave you. Just type it right in without any spaces or hyphens. Next you will be presented with a dialog box that will ask you to enterrepparttar 107781 username and password forrepparttar 107782 connection. These are your Internet account details that your ISP gave you. Fill inrepparttar 107783 boxes and make any other choices that are presented to you. If you are using XP uncheckrepparttar 107784 Firewall checkbox. If you want to userepparttar 107785 Microsoft software Firewall, leaverepparttar 107786 box checked. However, there are far better and more effective Firewall programs to use thanrepparttar 107787 built in software that Microsoft provides. But,repparttar 107788 choice is yours. Now you will be atrepparttar 107789 end ofrepparttar 107790 Wizard and you may be asked if you want a shortcut on your Desktop. Makerepparttar 107791 choice and click onrepparttar 107792 Finish button.

Great! If all has configured properly itís time to test your handiwork. Go to your Desktop and right-click on Network Neighbourhood or My Network Places. Choose Properties and you will seerepparttar 107793 connections that are currently setup on your computer. You probably only have this one. If you are on a network you will see your Local Area Network connection icon too. Double click onrepparttar 107794 icon named withrepparttar 107795 title you gave it duringrepparttar 107796 configuration. The connection box will appear. Make sure that all is as it should be and click Dial. There will be a slight delay and then you will hearrepparttar 107797 modem dialling out to your ISP. If you mutedrepparttar 107798 modem/TA speaker, you will be able to check that things are happening by watchingrepparttar 107799 LEDs flashing onrepparttar 107800 front ofrepparttar 107801 modem/TA unit. You will have a bit of a wait whilerepparttar 107802 modems talk to each other and then you should get authenticated ontorepparttar 107803 ISPís system. Once that is done you will see a message atrepparttar 107804 bottom right of your screen that tells you that you are connected and what bandwidth you have been allocated. Start your browser and enjoy.

Notice that your browser is unaltered, you donít have to go to a special web page and you can use any search engine you like. You wonít have any spy-ware lurking in your system and your ISP will have no control over you and your activities at all.

Just to whet your appetite (but beware)Ö

If you have a small network at home or at your office, you can configure one computer to provide an Internet connection for allrepparttar 107805 others and set it up to dial up on demand when someone on another computer starts their web browser. This process is called Internet Connection Sharing and Demand Dialling. Quite a mouthful, but not difficult to set up. However, there are a couple of technical details that you will need to understand concerning protocols. So, be careful if you find yourself trying this out. You may end up losingrepparttar 107806 connections to your other computers and ruiningrepparttar 107807 network connectivity. To be quite honest, ICS is not a particularly efficient method of multiple Internet connectivity. There are far easier and less fraught ways of providing that kind of service.

Get yourself a PopUp killer and a decent firewall. I suggest Zone Alarm Pro forrepparttar 107808 firewall. I also suggest that you get a copy of AdAware. It will protect you from spy-ware and other nasties thatrepparttar 107809 bad guys will try and sneak into your operating system when you are onrepparttar 107810 Web. You can set your browser security to resist cookies and Java. But, that will severely restrict your experience and will stop allrepparttar 107811 fun animations andrepparttar 107812 like. So, donít be too restrictive, just getrepparttar 107813 right software to protect you, then you can free-up your browser and see and experience allrepparttar 107814 fantastic stuff that is out there in Web-Land. You can obtain all these applications by entering their names into a search engine, say Google for instance, and you will receive a list of URLs to contact where you can downloadrepparttar 107815 Shareware versions to try before you buy.

Robb Kimmer is an experienced networks system engineer and IT instructor. He has worked for over 14 years in the IT industry in both the UK and USA. He is a member of the British Computer Society Elite Group. Robb writes for several magazines and you can get more information about him on the WWW.

Windows XP and 2000 : speed up

Written by Tabish

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DNS Client You‘re not connecting to a specific DNS server on your local network FTP Publishing Service You don‘t need your system to act as an FTP server IIS Admin Service You don‘t need your system to act as an WWW server IPSEC Policy Agent You‘re not connected to a Windows 2000 domain Messenger You‘re not connected to a Windows 2000 domain Remote Registry Service You don‘t remotely accessrepparttar Registry of other systems on your local network RIP Service You don‘t need your system to act as a router RunAs Service You don‘t use any applications that run as an alias World Wide Web Publishing Service You don‘t need your system to act as an WWW server

If you find a match and think that your system doesn‘t need that particular service, right-click onrepparttar 107757 service and chooserepparttar 107758 Properties command fromrepparttar 107759 shortcut menu. When you seerepparttar 107760 Properties dialog box for that service, clickrepparttar 107761 Startup Type drop down list and select Manual. Then click OK. As you changerepparttar 107762 Startup Type for any service, take note ofrepparttar 107763 service‘s name. That way you‘ll have a record of which services you changed and can change them back if you need to.

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