Setting Performance Standards for your Employees

Written by Megan Tough

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Set standards, and determine HOW they will be done. Deciderepparttar standards that will apply to each activity, as well as howrepparttar 119500 standards will be achieved. Understandingrepparttar 119501 level of performance required givesrepparttar 119502 employee a sense of achievement - which is one ofrepparttar 119503 key ingredients to achieving performance standards. This is true for employees at any level.

Establish communication agreements. To ensure success,repparttar 119504 owner and employee must decide atrepparttar 119505 outset how they are going to communicate progress (and challenges) alongrepparttar 119506 way. Will it be day-to-day? Week-to-week? The minimum time frame is week-to-week. Less frequent than that and it all falls apart.

The employee decides how to achieverepparttar 119507 desired results. The owner will be present and participating for this part, but it is essential thatrepparttar 119508 employee be leadingrepparttar 119509 process in order for them to have ownership. Helprepparttar 119510 employee take responsibility for deciding how to accomplishrepparttar 119511 results. You may need to determine ifrepparttar 119512 employee hasrepparttar 119513 skills and development to do this. If they don't, provide maximum guidance to them.

Get it in writing. If it is not in writing, within one to two weeks everyone will be confused and uncertain. The focus, responsibility, resources, constraints, timetables and measures all need to be in writing. The purpose of doing this is to make surerepparttar 119514 owner and employee are so clear onrepparttar 119515 goals and process that there is no confusion whatsoever. It sets everyone

Establish a monitoring method. Make sure you get agreement on howrepparttar 119516 performance will be monitored and how frequently. In order forrepparttar 119517 process to go forward,repparttar 119518 employee needs to agree to monitor their own performance, andrepparttar 119519 owner must agree to sit down and review it withrepparttar 119520 employee on a pre-determined schedule. Let them know upfront that if they get busy and start canceling meetings, performance will not improve and expectations will not be met. I recommend havingrepparttar 119521 employee keep track of their progress in writing and adviserepparttar 119522 owner weekly. A simple weekly progress update is a win-win solution and can take as little as 5 minutes. A monthly sit-down, face-to-face meeting is a must also.

What arerepparttar 119523 benefits of setting effective performance standards and expectations? Employees are energized and empowered to take ownership of their positions. Owners become energized and inspired, ceasing to lower expectations in order to avoid confrontation. The productivity ofrepparttar 119524 company goes up. Everyone knows what is expected of them, which provides certainty to move forward. This process, itself, opens new channels of communication between owners and employees.

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A Whack Up 'Long Side The Head Of Human Resources: The Leadership Imperative

Written by Brent Filson

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Today, in most organizations,repparttar presentation isrepparttar 119499 conventional method of communication. But when you makerepparttar 119500 leadership talkrepparttar 119501 key method by instituting "talk" courses and monitoring and evaluation systems broadly and deeply withinrepparttar 119502 organization, you will help make your company more effective and efficient.

Link: Though such recognition isrepparttar 119503 first step in getting offrepparttar 119504 sidelines, it won't get you intorepparttar 119505 game. To get intorepparttar 119506 center of things, you must link your activities with results. Not your results — their results.

Clearly, your clients are being challenged to get results: sales' closes, operations efficiencies, productivity advances, etc. Some results are crucial. But other results are absolutely indispensable. Your job is to help your clients achieve their results, especiallyrepparttar 119507 indispensable results. You must be their "results partner." Furthermore, you must help them get sizable increases in those results. The results that they get with your help should be more thanrepparttar 119508 results that they would have gotten without your help.

For instance, when developing company-wide objectives for leadership talks, you should not aim to have participants win a speaking "beauty contests" but instead to speak so that they motivate others to get increases in measured results. When you changerepparttar 119509 focus ofrepparttar 119510 courses from speaking appearance torepparttar 119511 reality of results, you changerepparttar 119512 participants' view of and commitment torepparttar 119513 courses and also their view of and commitment to you in providing those courses. So haverepparttar 119514 participants define their indispensable results and linkrepparttar 119515 principles and processes they learned inrepparttar 119516 course to getting measured increases in those results.

Execute: It's not enough to recognize. It's not enough to link. You must execute. "Execute" comes from a Latin root exsequi meaning "to follow continuously and vigorously torepparttar 119517 end or even to ‘the grave.'" Let's capture if notrepparttar 119518 letter at leastrepparttar 119519 spirit of this lively root by insuring that your activities on behalf of your clients are well "executed," that they are carried out vigorously and continuously in their daily work throughout their careers. If those activities are helping them get results, you are truly their "results partner."

For instance, in regard torepparttar 119520 leadership talk courses, HR professionals can lead an "initiative approach." Atrepparttar 119521 conclusion ofrepparttar 119522 course, each participant selects an initiative to institute back onrepparttar 119523 job. The aim of each initiative is to get sizable increases in their indispensable results by usingrepparttar 119524 principles and processes that they learned.

The initiatives and their results should be concrete and measurable, such as productivity gains, increases in sales, operations efficiencies, and reduced cycle times.

The participants should be challenged to get increases in results above and beyond what they would have gotten without having takenrepparttar 119525 course. They should be challenged to get those increases within a mutually agreed upon time, such as quarterly reports. In fact, ifrepparttar 119526 participants don't achieve an increase in results that translates to at least ten times whatrepparttar 119527 course costs, they should get their money back.

Don't stop there. Getting an increase in results is notrepparttar 119528 end ofrepparttar 119529 course, it should berepparttar 119530 beginning —repparttar 119531 beginning of a new phase of getting results,repparttar 119532 stepping up phase. The more results participants achieve,repparttar 119533 more opportunities they have created to achieve even more results. The leadership talk course should have methods for instituting results' step-ups.

One such method can be a quarterly leadership-talk round table. Participants who graduate fromrepparttar 119534 course meet once a quarter to discussrepparttar 119535 results they have gotten and provide best practices for getting more. Human resources should organize, direct and facilitaterepparttar 119536 round tables. In this way,repparttar 119537 resultsrepparttar 119538 leaders are getting should increase quarter after quarter.

When HR professionals promote such leadership talk courses, courses that are linked to getting increases in indispensable results and that come withrepparttar 119539 "results guarantee," those professionals are truly seen as results partners in their organizations. I have usedrepparttar 119540 leadership talk as an example of how you can greatly enhance your contributions torepparttar 119541 company by applyingrepparttar 119542 Leadership Imperative. Don't just applyrepparttar 119543 Imperative to such courses alone. Apply it to whatever challenge confronts you.

When you recognize how that challenge can be met throughrepparttar 119544 Imperative, when you linkrepparttar 119545 challenge to getting increases in measured results, and when you execute for results, you can transform your function.

You don't have to be as distinguished as Einstein or as awesome as Big Daddy Lipscomb, but you will in your individual way perceiverepparttar 119546 simple, powerful center of things. You'll be inrepparttar 119547 thick ofrepparttar 119548 most important game your company is playing — helping change your world andrepparttar 119549 world of your clients.

The author of 23 books, Brent Filson's recent books are, THE LEADERSHIP TALK: THE GREATEST LEADERSHIP TOOL and 101 WAYS TO GIVE GREAT LEADERSHIP TALKS. He has worked with thousands of leaders worldwide during the past 20 years helping them achieve sizable increases in hard, measured results. Sign up for his free leadership ezine and get a free guide, "49 Ways To Turn Action Into Results," at

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