Setting Out Bait Online

Written by Marcia Yudkin

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To make sure that writing and distributingrepparttar FAQ would redound to me, I also composedrepparttar 125105 last ofrepparttar 125106 24 questions to read, "And who are you, anyway?" That gave me a natural way to present my credentials andrepparttar 125107 titles of several of my books.

Although I believerepparttar 125108 FAQ format has particular power onrepparttar 125109 Net, for yourepparttar 125110 ticket might be an article alongrepparttar 125111 lines of "Five Things to Think About Before You Hire a ___," "11 Low-risk Ways to ___," "___ DeMystified," or simply "How to ___." Call your bait piece a "white paper" if you're appealing to a corporate population.

Resistrepparttar 125112 temptation to devote any more than 10 percent of your bait piece to self-promotion. Doing so would make it less appealing for others to recommend or reprint it. Producing something that benefits your market without a heavy sales pitch attached puts you in a very positive light, and just a low-key business bio and contact information atrepparttar 125113 end entices readers to get in touch.

Think broadly about what kinds of sites might be willing to host or link to your informational offering. In addition to resource sites that aim at a comprehensive collection of topical links, consider non-competing businesses whose visitors need to know about your specialty. For example, with some of my small-business-oriented bait pieces on marketing and publicity, I've had requests to repost them to sites for a stock photo company, a specialty printer, a crafts dealer and numerous trade associations. Always request a live link to your Web site and an e-mail link to you when someone reposts your piece at their site.

If you have a Web site,repparttar 125114 out-of-pocket cost to add a bait piece there will usually be zero. Mentioning your bait piece in your signature when you post to discussion lists is another way to spread it around effectively. If it has an appealing title and genuinely useful content for some well-defined, information-hungry audience, you'll find this piece soon funneling leads to you -- withoutrepparttar 125115 big expense of a conventional push for traffic.

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How To Get Visitors To Your Web Site

Written by Elmar Alex

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Some programs offer you only 1 level of referrals, others - as many as 10 or even 20 levels. The golden mean is perhaps 5-6 levels, still. Last but notrepparttar least point is if you enjoy dealing with this particular program. If you see right away where to click to sign up, where to click to start surfing and so on, then you like it. It’s extremely important in my opinion if you enjoyrepparttar 125104 surfing process itself. It is normally required that you spend some time viewingrepparttar 125105 site to earn a credit. But if there’s no clear indication ofrepparttar 125106 moment when you may leave forrepparttar 125107 next site (just general instruction to wait 25 or 30 seconds) it’s often confusing. You get really annoyed to read time after time: “You’re surfing too fast; no credit earned”. Again good example is No More Hits. You see “Wait for Credit” while viewingrepparttar 125108 site and “Account Credited” when you may click torepparttar 125109 next site. Easy and clear! Also enjoyable is surfing with ClickSilo. They show you blue, red and green buttons and when you may go torepparttar 125110 next site you see: “Click Red” or “Click Green”. Nice! Take into consideration above-mentioned criteria – sign up bonus, exchange ratio, referral system and friendliness ofrepparttar 125111 program. Join several good programs. You will surely get visitors to your site and atrepparttar 125112 same time receive interesting information fromrepparttar 125113 others. Happy surfing!

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