Setting Fees for Your Home Based Business

Written by Wendy McClelland

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6) Are you willing to offer a discount to repeat customers? Will you offer refunds or just exchanges?

7) You need to be VERY clear on all pricing issues before you start your business.

Here's some more basic tips to get you onrepparttar right path when it comes to setting fees:

1) Don't do work for nothing - set up an estimating formula - give each client a cost breakdown and stick to it - if you have to change it getrepparttar 135491 client to approverepparttar 135492 cost overrun BEFORE you go ahead and do more work.

2) Turn down work that isn't worthrepparttar 135493 time to do - this may sound callous - but why sit up until 2 a.m. doing work that is costing you money - yes you're working, but for what?

3) Some jobs will pay off in referrals and business inrepparttar 135494 future - just be sure you're doing work that will pay off later, if you've taken a discounted rate of payment.

4) When it comes to doing work for friends, know in advance what your policy will be. This can be a very difficult situation, so be clear fromrepparttar 135495 start. Many a friendship has been damaged or destroyed over a business misunderstanding! Don’t let yours be one of them. This also holds true for work you may do for non-profit agencies or charities. Decide IN ADVANCE how many hours per month you will "give away" to a good cause. Do NOT allow yourself to go overrepparttar 135496 amount you've set.

There is a lot of good information available about what salaries people in various industries are being paid – take advantage of it to your benefit. Set fees that make you feel appreciated and your work valued. Ensure thatrepparttar 135497 fees let you payrepparttar 135498 bills, cover your expenses, make you feel what you are doing is worthwhile, and make sure you save some for a rainy day and have some fun too!

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Mystery Shopper 007

Written by Jon Castle

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You have several ways to get assignments:

1.Free lists of companies that hire mystery shoppers: You and everyone’s uncle is going to apply forrepparttar same limited jobs because everyone else hasrepparttar 135461 list. Good luck getting a call back. 2.Go business to business and offer your services: But be prepared for rejection, an empty gas tank, and sore feet. 3.Sign up with a professional mystery shopping referral company: The jobs come to you. Easilyrepparttar 135462 best way to get assignments.

Mystery shopping is still a developing field but more and more companies are reapingrepparttar 135463 benefits of improved customer service through mystery shopping programs. Most mystery shoppers do it onrepparttar 135464 side for fun, free stuff, and supplemental income. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to get out there sign up with as many mystery shopping companies as you can afford. This message will self destruct in five seconds (not really).

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