"Sergio Leone and the Spaghetti Western"

Written by Sarah Anne Polsinelli

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Morricone's hoof beats, whistling and use ofrepparttar human voice as an instrument becamerepparttar 138004 standard musical style ofrepparttar 138005 Spaghetti Western. Simple but eerie,repparttar 138006 nearly tangible presence ofrepparttar 138007 music was extraordinary and absolutely original. Leone made instant celebrities out of not just his music composer but Eastwood - who would star in his trilogy of Westerns: A Fistful of Dollars (1964), A Few Dollars More (1965) and The Good,repparttar 138008 Bad andrepparttar 138009 Ugly (1966).

In a scene in A Fistful of Dollars, one ofrepparttar 138010 characters gets shot and a close-up of his face reveals thick, red blood gushing out of his mouth. By today's standards it would have no impact onrepparttar 138011 average viewer, but 40 years ago it was monumental. From then on filmmakers began to allot a large part of their film budget to what was called a "blood budget".

Critics attacked these films for their gratuitous violence, but audiences loved them. And Leone's revamped Western formula was imitated for years to follow.

Then "The Other Sergio," Sergio Corbucci, showed up in 1966 with Django. Critics had a field day with this film, and it was banned in several markets. Its nauseating brutality (I shut my eyes and covered my ears!) became part ofrepparttar 138012 formula. The most brutal ofrepparttar 138013 Spaghettis is one ofrepparttar 138014 30 unofficial Django sequels (yes, 30), aptly named Django Kill! (1967) Aside from beingrepparttar 138015 most sadistic, with elements like torture, vampire bats, a crucifixion and an army of homosexual outlaws, it's also by farrepparttar 138016 strangest.

Leone only made a total of five Spaghetti Westerns, releasing his final film in 1972 and retiring from his self-made genre when he noticed that audiences were mockingrepparttar 138017 film titles and contrived storylines.

Naturally, filmmakers began to spoofrepparttar 138018 films, and a plethora of Western comedies followed. But byrepparttar 138019 mid-'70s,repparttar 138020 Spaghetti Western genre faded away.

I haven't always been a fan of this genre, it just happened by fluke. These films defy description. The whole magic is inrepparttar 138021 rattling ofrepparttar 138022 spurs andrepparttar 138023 cutaways to Eastwood's squinting glare. Next time you're at Blockbuster move away fromrepparttar 138024 New Releases wall (they all suck, anyway) and pick up a copy of The Good,repparttar 138025 Bad andrepparttar 138026 Ugly. You'll be hooked, and I ain't just whistlin' Dixie.

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"Beatles for Dummies"

Written by Sarah Anne Polsinelli

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While recording Abbey Road together in 1969, it became more apparent thatrepparttar band were pursuing their own individual interests (Let It Be was an abandoned album that was recorded earlier inrepparttar 138003 year, but was compiled and released by their record company in 1970). McCartney tried to take over for Epstein, first by involvingrepparttar 138004 group withrepparttar 138005 film The Magical Mystery Tour. The film captured their psychedelic period, but was a drastic flop.

While Lennon was busy in love with artist Yoko Ono, and McCartney was off talking torepparttar 138006 press and ceremoniously leadingrepparttar 138007 group, George Harrison was pursuing his own style of artistry. Lennon and McCartney wererepparttar 138008 principal songwriters and Harrison, eager to burst free of his two-song-per-album limitation, releasedrepparttar 138009 first solo effort from a Beatles band member in 1968, withrepparttar 138010 film soundtrack Wonderwall Music.

There was also a terrible business decision that would plague them for many years. Apple Corps. was originally set out as a company that would give grants torepparttar 138011 poets, songwriters and fashion designers ofrepparttar 138012 late 1960s - in other words, hippies. But what began as a vehicle for tax evasion soon became a financial disaster. Apple was losing money and The Beatles were publicly mocked for their bad business sense. Their public money squabbles soon sent them on a downward spiral.

New manager Allen Klein was hired in 1970 to restructurerepparttar 138013 company, but McCartney disliked him and had wanted to hire his lawyer father-in-law instead. John's insistence on collaborating with Yoko sparked tensions withinrepparttar 138014 group. They officially broke up in 1970, beforerepparttar 138015 release of their final album, Let It Be.

Each member pursued careers as independent artists. John Lennon proved his talent as an independent artist with albums such as John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and Imagine, but his career ended abruptlyrepparttar 138016 evening of December 8, 1980 when he was shot to death outside his New York City apartment building.

Lennon's assassination markedrepparttar 138017 end of Paul McCartney's new band, The Wings, as well. Formed with wife Linda (and six other members) in 1971, they had toured for almost 10 years, with some hit singles and profitable albums, until Lennon's assassination caused them to stop touring and breakup thereafter. McCartney remainsrepparttar 138018 most successful popular music composer and recording artist ever with sales of 100 million singles worldwide. "Yesterday" (fromrepparttar 138019 1965 Help! album) isrepparttar 138020 world's most popular song with over 6 million airplays inrepparttar 138021 US alone.

One of George Harrison's most notable post-breakup achievements was releasing two very successful albums with The Travelling Wilbury's, which included members such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison. He pursued a solo career until he died of brain cancer in November 2001.

Last and least (inrepparttar 138022 public eye, anyway), Ringo Starr, nicknamed for having always worn lots of rings on his fingers, released a successful self-titled album in 1973, after producing two back-to-back number one hits. He dabbled in television and films, and later formed The All Star Band.

No band has ever come close to mimicking The Beatles' overall success and popularity. The Beatles gave us more than 22 number one singles, and a dozen albums that spanned and exemplified a decade rich with historical achievements. But most importantly, what we got was a "Revolution" (Well, you know).

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