Sensible Diet Tips

Written by Jay Harris

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Weigh yourself once a week atrepparttar same time. Your weight fluctuates constantly and you can weigh more at night than you did inrepparttar 148187 morning, a downer if you stuck to your diet all day. Make dining an event. East from your own special plate, on your own special placemat, and borrowrepparttar 148188 Japanese art of food arranging to make your meal, no matter how meager, look lovely. This is a trick that helps chronic over-eaters and bingers pay attention to their food instead of consuming it unconsciously.

Don't shop when you're hungry. You'll only buy more fattening food. Avoid finger foods that are easy to eat in large amounts. Avoid consuming large quantities of fattening liquids, which are so easy to overdo. And this includes alcoholic beverages. Keep plenty of crunchy foods like raw vegetables and air-popped fat-free popcorn on hand. They're high in fiber, satisfying and filling. Leave something on your plate, even if you are a charter member ofrepparttar 148189 Clean The Plate Club. It's a good sign that you can stop eating when you want to, not just when your plate is empty.

Lose weight for yourself, not to please your husband, your parents or your friends. Makerepparttar 148190 kitchen off-limits at any time other than mealtime. Always eat atrepparttar 148191 table, never in front ofrepparttar 148192 TV set or withrepparttar 148193 radio on. Concentrate on eating every mouthful slowly and savoring each morsel. Chew everything from 10 to 20 times and count! Never skip meals.

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Lactose Intolerant?

Written by Kim Beardsmore

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The power of soy protein

Soy-based products are onrepparttar rise for very healthy reasons. The humble soybean boasts some extraordinary benefits. Lactose-free, soy protein is a "complete protein" which contains all 9 essential amino acids inrepparttar 148065 right balance to meet your body's needs. Soy protein isrepparttar 148066 only plant protein that is complete. This makes it a great substitute for many meats, allowing you to eliminate more saturated fat and cholesterol from your diet.

While soybeans have much to offer from a protein perspective, it is because they contain so many nutrients, such as isoflavones, that they are nowrepparttar 148067 centre of so much attention. Soy protein enhancesrepparttar 148068 body's ability to retain and better absorb calcium intorepparttar 148069 bones. Soy isoflavones help by slowing bone loss and inhibiting bone breakdown.

Lactose-Free Soy Recipes

There are an abundance of wonderful soy recipes that enable you to get allrepparttar 148070 benefits of soy....withoutrepparttar 148071 traditional soy flavour. Further information available atrepparttar 148072 link below.

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