Senoi Dream Theory

Written by Gary R. Hess

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The Senoi Dream Theory was first taken seriously duringrepparttar Dream Movement ofrepparttar 126119 1950s and 60s where psychologists aroundrepparttar 126120 world began learning more about our dreams and how they occur. Althoughrepparttar 126121 discovery ofrepparttar 126122 Senoi Dream Theory was just an accident in a laboratory while studying Rapid Eye Movement (REM) it became a big part ofrepparttar 126123 Dream Movement.

If you wish to learn more aboutrepparttar 126124 Senoi Dream Theory you may find information in here: Domhoff: "Senoi Dream Theory"

Gary is a writer for Love and Break Up Poems

Graphology - Unlish ur inner personality

Written by Nilesh Gore

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3: Selecting Life-Partner.:- There is huge difference between a boyfriend and husband I repeat “There is huge difference between a boyfriend and husband “ Before marriage boys promisesrepparttar moon & stars but latter onrepparttar 126118 girl gets disappointment ,repparttar 126119 picture after marriage is notrepparttar 126120 rosy. Graphology (Handwriting analysis) can help in selectingrepparttar 126121 right partner as perrepparttar 126122 true picture of Boy / Girl.

4: Selecting Business Partner. :- What is your business partner is good starter and poor finisher ? What if he is a big deceiver? What if he can’t face pressure ? selecting Business partner is equally important as life partner. Graphology can help you to select right business partner who can take right decisions & actions at right time.

5: Employee Selection / Recruitments :- Graphology can help in selecting right peoples forrepparttar 126123 right job. E.g. if a company wants to recruit excellent team players or fast analyst, creative artist, etc. Graphology can help in identifying these individuals by / via their handwritten samples & this can easily benefitrepparttar 126124 individual & organization.

6: Criminology.:- Graphology can assist police department in solving crimes related torepparttar 126125 burglary thefts, suicides & even murders. Graphology can speed up investigation via writing & signature of a suspect & solve Cases.

7: Knowing Your Friends, Colleagues, relatives, etc. :- Knowrepparttar 126126 every aspect and hidden aspect of personality so that you will understand them much better with reasons and will improve relationships.

These arerepparttar 126127 things we can do with graphology (Handwriting Analysis). If you want to do handwriting analysis then pls email me for further information on

Nilesh Gore.

Name : NIlesh B Gore Profession : Graphologist(Hndwriting Analyst) & SW. Eng. Email : Web : Country : India, Ms Copyrights : © Nilesh B Gore. Author has written for the leading newspaper (Sakal) in India - Ms and his articles had been published in number of websites.

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