Seniors and Family Caregivers Now Have an Advocate

Written by Jill Conner

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I wondered how receptiverepparttar business community might be to a survey of their clients. As it turns out, business owners are as excited about this service asrepparttar 145645 families are that use Senior Approved Services.

Barbara and I chatted for well over an hour and if you would likerepparttar 145646 full reprint of my entire interview, please feel free to contact me at

Barbara is very modest; she has created a unique service that not only serves those in need of services, but offersrepparttar 145647 business community great advantages.

Jeff Porter of The SCOOTER Store says, “The SCOOTER Store is excited about our affiliation with Senior Approved Services. We believerepparttar 145648 Senior Approved certification will reassure seniors and their caregivers that they can put their trust in The SCOOTER Store as America's leading provider of power mobility”

Paul Stone, owner of a general cleaning and handyman service says, “We are so proud to be Certified as a Senior Approved Service. Putting this on our brochures, business cards and other advertisement pieces has clearly, without a doubt, increased our client base. Barbara is right; seniors need services but are afraid or confused about which one to call.”

Michael Stowerepparttar 145649 Administrator of Life Care Home Health Services Corporation, says, “Inrepparttar 145650 short time we have worked together with Senior Approved Services, I have been impressed withrepparttar 145651 comprehensiveness of service referrals,repparttar 145652 personal touch andrepparttar 145653 responsiveness to inquiries. Senior Approved Services offers an extremely valuable service to seniors and their families by connecting them with quality providers.”

Lorice S. Dakdduk, DCR of Sunrise Assisted Living of Rocky River, says, “Barb and her company offer a unique service that is unmatched inrepparttar 145654 industry. Her personalization follow through and genuine concern makes this service top notch. Highly recommend for professionals as a resource and for family members not wanting to take this task on alone. With Senior Approved Services you always have someone to count on.”

To read more endorsements fromrepparttar 145655 elder care business community, see

If you live inrepparttar 145656 United States and believe as I do, that you deserve to receiverepparttar 145657 best possible service from an elder care service, please contact Senior Approved Services. The web site is The phone number is 216-883-3163.

Jill Conner is a freelance writer and web content developer. She can be reached via email at

Document Sharing: Who Hand is in the Cookie Jar?

Written by Joe Miller

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Document Sharing Software Solutions

I have found thatrepparttar best way to answerrepparttar 145569 questions of ad hoc document sharing is to use a document management service or a content management tool that tracks ad hoc document sharing.

You may do what most people do in searching forrepparttar 145570 right document sharing software and type “document sharing” into Google and feel overwhelmed byrepparttar 145571 20 million 800 thousand indexed pages of document sharing, or groupware, suites. There are easier ways.

Try looking up “Digital Thread Technology”, which places a tag inrepparttar 145572 metadata of any Microsoft program and tracks it over email and servers. This opens up a digital signature with emails, informing users whererepparttar 145573 most recent version is saved. When changes have been made inrepparttar 145574 cookie jar, nobody is left inrepparttar 145575 dark.

Look up “Version History”, which opens up a flow chart ofrepparttar 145576 documents genealogy. This makes record keeping simple, especially when accounting for editorial changes. Version History displays whererepparttar 145577 document had been and when, who made changes and where it was saved, and how it reached its most recent stage. Instead of questions, users have allrepparttar 145578 answers.

The cherry on top (this is obviously not part ofrepparttar 145579 cookie jar example) is that versatile and effective document sharing software like this not only handlesrepparttar 145580 ad hoc document sharing but also eliminates overhead costs associated with IT infrastructure. And, if I download it, then everyone with whom I share documents also shares inrepparttar 145581 benefits.

Joe Miller is an author of informational articles and online advertisements on business, technology, and health. Information on document sharing is available at

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