Senior Authors Give Back

Written by Francine Silverman

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Authors who have suffered illness or death of a loved one sometimes find solace in helping others. Brian Hartford, co-author of Change of Heart (PublishAmerica 2000), lost his first wife to cancer and later underwent a heart transplant. Brian speaks to groups about transplantation and organ/tissue donation and feels that by telling his story and promoting organ donation that he’s giving back forrepparttar “precious gift” of life he received. He donates 20% of profits of books sold at these events to TRIO (Transplant Recipient International Organization). Bobbi de Cordova-Hanks was a professional musician for 30 years before she developed advanced breast and thyroid cancer and given five years to live (18 years ago when there was little information on breast cancer). When she met her husband, Jerry, he had lost his wife to ovarian cancer a few years earlier. The couple co-authored Tears of Joy (Infinity Publishing 2003) and 16 years ago formed Bosom Buddies, a breast cancer support and education organization. The two travelrepparttar 132132 country with their presentation, “In Sickness and in Health: A Survivor and Caregiver Share Their Story of Tears and Hope.” “Breast cancer has been a positive force in my life, if you can believe it,” says Bobbi.

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Single guys (married and engaged not excluded), who's that lady?

Written by Steve Dimeck

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