Senior Approved Services Announces Hiring of Marketing/Sales Associates

Written by Janet Simms

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According torepparttar web page, describing this offer ( experience is not as important as your commitment to advocating for all seniors to receive excellent care.

For those of you with experience in marketing and sales withinrepparttar 134865 elder care business, this is a fantastic opportunity to apply your skills with an innovative company. Senior Approved Services isrepparttar 134866 first and only company of its kind, nationwide.

The Certification is dependent onrepparttar 134867 results ofrepparttar 134868 industryís first consumer-driven survey process. You will meet with business owners that offer products, resources or services torepparttar 134869 elder population and educate these owners of this unique opportunity.

You may speak with alternative health practitioners, home care companies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, handy man services, maids, elder-law attorneys, basically anyone currently servingrepparttar 134870 senior citizen population or perhaps wants to.

Barbara asks that before you apply, please read both web sites first. and If you believe that you can earnestly representrepparttar 134871 company; you may fax your resume to 216-883-3159 or email it to


Ten healthcare fields that can't wait to hire you.

Written by Max Stein

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Medical office administration is another healthcare position that doesnít involve patient care. These positions answer phones, coordinate with hospitals and check in/out patients. Moves to office management or medical coding/billing are advancement opportunities. Some people also use this position to further their education.

Healthcare institutions are a large employer of operational positions as well.

Information technology professionals are in strong demand since hospitals utilize state ofrepparttar art databases to store patientís medical and billing records. Database administrators and web programmers are a vital part of a hospitalís daily operations.

Medical billing and administration is another key component of healthcare operations. Medical facilities hire for billing positions, collections and administrative support. Special courses / experience are required in medical terminology and billing to obtain these types of jobs.

A rapidly growing sector of healthcare where all of these positions are required is that of home health. Inrepparttar 107130 next six years, Medicare funding of home healthcare is expected to double. Over 7.6 million patients are being treated at home for both long term and short term care. Home healthcare is considered byrepparttar 107131 medical field and health insurers to berepparttar 107132 most cost effective, humane and compassionate method of care.

The shortage of experienced healthcare workers inrepparttar 107133 United States is creating a boom for people who want to enter this field. There are many career options including positions that involve patient care and those that donít. The current shortage of employees has created excellent starting salaries, generous benefits and signing bonuses.

For more information on how you can getrepparttar 107134 proper training, go here

Max Stein, Salt Lake City, UT, USA Max Stein is a freelance writer who writes about business, education and marketing.

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