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Fake Mail Commands Generally,repparttar following commands will work fine: helo mail from: rcpt to: data content of email . quit Entering those commands when connected via telnet to a Sendmail daemon will send an email containing “content of email” from In some cases, you might need to type “helo” atrepparttar 105286 beginning ( beingrepparttar 105287 domain ofrepparttar 105288 return address) to get this to work. The return and to addresses, as well asrepparttar 105289 content ofrepparttar 105290 e-mail, can be modified as much as you want. If it doesn’t work,repparttar 105291 daemon might need authentication, orrepparttar 105292 syntax might be different (try adding <>s on either side ofrepparttar 105293 email addresses). And, backspace does not work, even though it looks like that. If you mess up in typing a command and press backspace,repparttar 105294 command is void. Inrepparttar 105295 contents ofrepparttar 105296 e-mail, backspaces will show up as boxes when read byrepparttar 105297 receiver. This is an invaluable social engineering technique. Imagine sending an email to an AOL customer, fakingrepparttar 105298 return address as a system administrator, with contents something like “We are debuggingrepparttar 105299 system lost all our user data for your area. We require you to send your name, date of birth, address, username, password, credit card number, and credit card expiration date.” They would happily comply, thinking you were someone you weren’t. You are not completely anonymous when using this technique. Anyone who is serious about safety should know about email “headers,” or information included inrepparttar 105300 email. If you have pop3 enabled with your email (you do if you have gmail) then just open uprepparttar 105301 mail with Thunderbird (of Outlook, ugg) and tell it to displayrepparttar 105302 headers. I will not go in depth on this, but a search onrepparttar 105303 internet will show you what you need to know to spot fake mail.

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