Selling on eBay - Have you found the magic formula yet?

Written by Mark Kenny

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Details can be found at:

eBay themselves have a smaller less powerful version that listsrepparttar top 10 keywords in each category. With just 10 words you are less likely to find words relevant to your item. It's still worth a look though - You can find eBay pulse at:

However a word of warning about your title. NEVER KEYWORD SPAM - This is listing irrelevant keywords inrepparttar 143955 hope of your item being found. It's used most often with vehicles, if you've used eBay to search for vehicles before surely you must have saw an item titled such asrepparttar 143956 following


See in this example howrepparttar 143957 seller would be using popular keywords to draw visitors to their auction. It's a clever tactic but if someone reports you to eBay your auction will be removed and you may be issued with a warning, or even have your account closed.

Finally, if 70% of buyers userepparttar 143958 search function, what aboutrepparttar 143959 remaining 30%. We can assume thatrepparttar 143960 majority of them browse thoughrepparttar 143961 categories on eBay. Did you know for a small fee of 9.95 ( you can feature your item so it's atrepparttar 143962 top ofrepparttar 143963 section. If your items of high value, them featuring it is strongly recommended. This way you should gain high coverage however your bidders search.

Mark Kenny is an eBay seller & online entrepreneur who highly recommends the Keyword-Pro. Full details are at:

The Importance of Residual Income

Written by Romel Wallace

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For example, when you pay a internet service provider, web host, telephone bill, or cable TV bill; they are receiving a regular recurring income for providing their service to you. The valued members of a website providerepparttar owner with a regular, recurring monthly income. In return, they are provided with valuable information.

Residual income is what you want. Unfortunately, there are many opportunities available that really do an injustice to this concept.

Seriously speaking. Doesn't it make sense to make a recurring sale of a product rather than a one time sale?

Of course it does.

Yet so many people just don't get it.

Masterrepparttar 143915 concept of residual income and you'll master your destiny.

Romel Wallace, Jr. is the founder of - "Make A Change by Associating with Programs that Really Work". Subscribe to Make A Change Success Tips (MAC) at to find out how. You may freely distribute this article if left intact including this notice.

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