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Some of these silver jewelry, hand crafts and leather products manufacturers do have a website. But that doesn't mean you can easily find them onrepparttar 149459 search engines. As we all know, its very hard to make it torepparttar 149460 top ofrepparttar 149461 search engine rankings and it can take more than 6 months to even get a website listed with them. That andrepparttar 149462 fact that most Mexican artisans are not as computer savvy as "we all think" arerepparttar 149463 main reason why you won't find that many websites at all of Mexican manufacturers listed on Google or Yahoo. In many cases their websites are not even optimized forrepparttar 149464 search engines to list them.

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Most ofrepparttar 149467 guys and companies that are ranking atrepparttar 149468 top ofrepparttar 149469 search engine results are basically American companies that are reselling Mexican products. So don't expect to getrepparttar 149470 best possible prices from them. Don't kid your self.

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"Thanks For The Rejection!"

Written by Dr. Gary S. Goodman, President

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When you read these things, they instantly seem foolish, don’t they?

For instance, on what authority, we have to ask ourselves, do we KNOW that if X rejected us, Y & Z will follow suit? We fear that will berepparttar case, and we may suspect it will be so. But by no means is it conclusive, until we make it that way by failing to keep trying. Likewise, on what basis can we assert that today’s rejection will recur tomorrow? When I was a salesperson, working my way through college, I contacted a fellow who LOUDLY rejected my offer, to sayrepparttar 149201 least. Actually, he got unhinged and declared, “Never contact me, again!” I remember this episode vividly, because it was so exceptional. Anyway,repparttar 149202 very next day, by mistake, I phoned him. (Apparently, I forgot to strike his name from my list.) My error only became apparent to me after I got him onrepparttar 149203 line and asked him how he was. At that second, I thought, “Oops!” To my surprise, he replied, “I’m fine.” I had no choice but to continue with my sales spiel, fully expecting him to reject me, even more loudly and emphatically, at any moment. Imagine how shocked I was to ask him for his order and to hear him cheerfully respond with, “Okay!”

He bought from me,repparttar 149204 very day after telling me to never contact him again!

Please believe me when I tell you it was a mistake that I had called him back. Given how poorlyrepparttar 149205 first call went, I was in no mood for a repeat performance. But by erring in this way, I accidentally provedrepparttar 149206 point that rejection isn’t necessarily permanent. Today’s no can even be a precursor, and a necessary one, to tomorrow’s yes, if we only get our minds aroundrepparttar 149207 concept. This story also demonstrates that rejection isn’t necessarily personal. The day before, when this guy bit my head off, he was probably overwhelmed by something that had nothing to do with me. Yet, when many of us are being spurned, our impulse is to blame ourselves and to feel sullied byrepparttar 149208 overall experience. We feel awful, and beat ourselves down beforerepparttar 149209 next person can do it to us. So, what can we do to conquer rejection and to actually learn to invite it?

Four things:

(1)Tell yourself it is isolated; (2)Tell yourself it is temporary; and (3)Tell yourself it doesn’t pertain to you, personally. In other words they may be rejecting your idea or offer, but they aren’t rejecting YOU. (4)Prove these truths by actively seeking more rejections. If you hope to publish that novel or to get that screenplay intorepparttar 149210 right hands, send them out more widely. Give more peoplerepparttar 149211 chance to say no!

This is one ofrepparttar 149212 great secrets ofrepparttar 149213 Law of Large Numbers. Do more of anything, and you’ll make success inevitable!

Dr. Gary S. Goodman is a popular keynote speaker, consultant, and seminar leader andrepparttar 149214 best-selling author of 12 books. He isrepparttar 149215 author ofrepparttar 149216 Nightingale-Conant audio program, The Law Of Large Numbers: How To Make Success Inevitable. Gary teaches Entrepreneurship and Consulting at UCLA Extension, and he is President of and The Goodman Organization. When he isn’t being rejected, he can usually be found in Glendale, California, where he makes his home. He can be reached at

Best-selling author of 12 books, Dr. Gary S. Goodman is a top-rated seminar leader at UCLA and 40 universities. He specializes in customer service, sales, and communication consulting. He can be reached at:

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